[SeekingFeedback] IoTeX blockchain integration in iToken Wallet

Project Name
iToken Wallet

Project Type
Crypto wallet integration

Proposal Description
Crypto wallet integration to enable and support

  • “Receive” and “Send” IoTeX blockchain’s native tokens,
  • “Receive” and “Send” tokens of other projects that build on IoTeX blockchain
  • “Connect wallet” to interact with IoTeX dApps
  • Co-marketing after completion of integration


Milestone 1

  • Timeline: Upon approval
  • Deliverables: Twitter announcement of intention and commencement of IoTeX integration in iToken Wallet
  • Funds request (USD): 5,000 USD

Milestone 2

  • Timeline: 1-2 months
  • Deliverables: “Receive”, “Send” and “Connect Wallet” functions enabled for IoTeX on iToken Wallet. Twitter announcement of completion of IoTeX integration in iToken Wallet.
  • Funds request (USD): 5,000 USD

Milestone 3

  • Timeline: 1-2 months
  • Deliverables: Press release article, Medium tutorial article, Twitter Space voice AMA, Video style AMA, Learn 2 Earn educational activity
  • Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD

Total funds requested
USD 30,000

About iToken Wallet
Multichain crypto wallet mobile app available for download from AppStore and PlayStore. Rebranded from Huobi Wallet.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iTokenWallet
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @huobiwallet_english
Discord: iToken
Medium: iToken Wallet Official – Medium

Thanks for submitting the IoTex halo grant application, we are reviewing it