Sent funds to via a wrong network

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to seek your guidance and expertise regarding a recent issue I’ve encountered while attempting to transfer funds from my TRUST wallet on the IoTeX network to a wallet on ERC20 in Coinbase.

Unfortunately, it seems that the funds were sent via IoTeX to an ERC20 Wallet instead of the ERC20 network, so it’s the wrong network. I haven’t received them at my intended destination, so I’m now faced with the predicament of trying to retrieve these funds back to the trust wallet.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, insights, or assistance you can offer in this matter. Is there any way to retrieve funds that have been sent to the wrong network? Can I follow any steps or procedures to fix this situation and refund the funds?


Has the issue been resolved?


You should always send only the minimum amount to test before you send the entire balance. If you have a Coinbase account, you might want to contact them for help. I think your chance of getting the tokens back is very slim.


basically I think the funds are lost is send through a different network on a different address