Submitting a new proposal

Anyone (individuals or teams) is welcome to submit their proposals: the submission process is very simple:

1. Post your proposal

To post a proposal, you must select one category that best fits your project and post a new topic there. Alternatively, just click one of the links below to create a new proposal into the correct category. Make sure you follow the template, including all the requested details.

2. Shout out to the world

Shout out your idea to the world and to your community if you have one (Twitter, Telegram, Discord). You can also promote in the official IoTeX communities (Telegram, Discord, Forum), just make sure that you don’t spam our channels, you include relevant details, and ask community members to comment and vote on your proposal in the forum: explain why they should support your project.

Life of a proposal

Proposals get tagged based on their status. A new proposal may have no tags assigned, that means it has not been reviewed yet. Below is the high level lifecycle of a grant proposal (click to enlarge):

Good luck! :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover: