Team is working on ''ENS domain'' for IOTX?

Hi Iotex Team,

I’ve been investing on Iotx for 3 years and I noticed some projects worked on his ‘‘ENS adress’’ like etherium with their famous airdrop program but also Solana and Terra and this kind of adress allows a user to ‘shorten’ their alphanumeric wallet address into a ‘domain name’ format’ in order to have something like ‘‘Joel.iotx’’ as a new adress in my case !

If this idea is deployed in the future will allow people to use other kind of partnership like ‘‘Travala’’ in a easier way for holidays for example to pay or rent a place to stay with our new version of adress without need to remember the whole adress and also to send iotx to a friend, why not?

Other projects ussually rent their adresses for some month so it would be an interesting way to burn some extra Iotx too.

I would like to know what the team thinks about this idea ?



@Simonsig @raullen I too having doubt on this.

Hi Joel
In what sense would it make the process easier? I would assume automation of transactions would negate the need to recall the complex string. I’m unfamiliar with the ethereum NS program and renting of addresses. Can you point me in the direction of some literature on that please. I am however looking forward to booking via Travala. A true voyage of discovery!
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IOTX is a bunch of thieves. Watch your money. They stole thousands from me and millions from others. Wish I saw them crossing the street. Their day will come

That’s quite the accusation. Can you explain stole for me please and, have you entered into any communication with the Iotex #gov or #support team, the result of which substantiating your claims?
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Google or go to Reddit and see IOTX and Coinbase and see all the people that lost millions of dollars. Yes I personally reached out to the owners and were ignored just like many others. They are thieves who stole from people who trusted them. They could get our money back but they choose to look the other way and blame it on Coinbase. Both are thieves.

Thanks for getting back to me. I assume these are the erc-20 tokens from coinbase? I got stung there too but I lay that blame directly at coinbase’s door. From the inflated price to customer support they were unprofessional and misleading I believe it to be thier lack of transparency that has been most damaging. It’s a brutal and expensive learning curve but that I have to accept that it’s the nature of the beast. Iotex will do great things I’m sure, and coinbase will continue to protect their interests Thankfully better Dex opportunities now exist!
All the best in your future investments
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