TEE Summary: (Short audio)

Feedback request: let us know if you find it an acceptable experience to listen to audio in this context? This test topic summarizes what a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is.

If there are no, or few objections, we may use this platform to to post recorded materials, and let people upload audio comments and responses.

Let us know any thoughts you have on this!


It’s awesome idea not only does it reduces time spent on readings most article words for words but I believe it give an general insight on what are being read. I hope team make provisions for this in the nearest future.

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This is a good idea, you can supplement the text with audio and users will choose a format that is convenient for them

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Thanks for checking this out. We’ll weigh this when deciding if it’s a good use of time/resources. - Best, Marcos


Thanks for checking this out. If the team decides it’s a good use of time/resources expect to see more of these. - Best, Marcos

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Decent summary content easy to understand. Sorry if this is you Marco but the speaker has a fairly noticeable lisp. (Trying real hard to hide it) Maybe a professional should read these in. No slight or disrespect intended.

So fun that you hear it. Yeh - I’ll own it. If we do implement this on a grander scale perhaps I should not so sloooowly step away from the mic. Or if we like the casual, rough around the edges quality, I’ll continue doing it. Thankfully, I don’t charge extra for this service. (obviously, no offense taken.)