Terminator - fiction or reality

I am very interested in the opinion of our community, and perhaps the IoTeX founders will also join in this discussion, it will also be interesting to know your opinion)):smiley:

We all love to watch movies. A large number of them are coming out now, and among them an increasing part is occupied by science fiction films, which in one way or another touch on the subject of the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence.

Recently I decided to revise one very interesting film, I think almost everyone knows it - Terminator.

The essence of the film, we know everything that artificial intelligence rebelled against people and decided to destroy us all :robot:

Hollywood takes pictures, people fantasize, but today we are more than ever glare with such Skynet)))

Aren’t you afraid that this artificial intelligence will decide one day that it is very smart to be controlled by people? What will be the chance for humanity to survive?

:gun: But Hollywood warned us …


interesting thoughts about this.
I really like the Terminator movie. even though the movie has dragged on.
recently, many other films on this topic have also been released recently, and for some reason everything has a not-so-good ending.
I think after presenting such thoughts, the project team will think about the future a little differently :rofl::rofl::rofl: