Tokens Missing after Transfer from MM to Binance

The tokens were on the IOTEX mainnet on my MetaMask (MM) Wallet and I correctly entered the recipient address provided to me by Binance for depositing IOTX tokens. I selected Binance Smart Chain as the network for the transaction since the recipient address was on the Binance Smart Chain network and the Binance Smart Chain network was offered by MetaMask as an option for this transaction.

All the details displayed correctly on my MetaMask including the TO address…MetaMask shared the gas fees etc. and prompted me to confirm. So all was in good order and I confirmed accordingly, and the transaction showed CONFIRMED / SUCCESS. But on the block explorer the recipient address showed a totally different address.

The issue: Transfer of tokens on IOTEX mainnet to an address on Binance Smart Chain. Both Binance and MM support teams explained that they cannot assist. Binance explained they never received the tokens. MM explained that the tokens were successfully transferred out of the wallet. But why did MM offer the Binance Smart Chain as an option after entering the address provided by Binance? And why did MM proceed to provide all transfer details e.g. gas fees, transfer charges etc…for confirmation if there was an issue with making the transfer?

Please advise if there is a way to retrieve the tokens from the “.io wallet” were they are currently stuck. Happy to share % of the tokens if can be successfully retrieved.

Thanks in advance,

Hi can you reply us the both wallet address so that we can check what went wrong?

Mean time try to contact binance customer support they will help you too .

Hey there. IoTeX is an EVM compatible network. For every IoTeX address that starts with ‘io’, there is an ‘0x’ version of it.

Your IOTX was on the IoTeX Network. CEX provides different deposit address for each network for each coin/token.

When you selected the address on the BSC, the transaction would still go through because it’s a valid address BUT it’s owned by Binance. And as mentioned before, CEX provides different address for each network for each coin/token. The BSC address that you sent the IOTX to, it is meant only for IOTX that lives on the BSC. Not the native IOTX that you sent.

You can check the contents of that recipient wallet on and you should see the IOTX you sent is in there. What you have to do now is contact Binance and ask them to send the IOTX back to your wallet.

You can read this thread for a better explanation


Thanks so much Anwar for your explanation. It’s much appreciated and makes things much more clear. Will keep you posted : )

Thanks for your offer to help Gopinath. It is appreciated. I will try to first resolve this issue with Binance.

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