TOTW №14: Favorite Smart Device Features

Hello, IoTeX community!

For this week’s discussion, we would like you to share the features that your smart devices have that you cannot live without or absolutely love :heart_eyes:

Whether it’s remote control of your coffeemaker, turning on heating/AC while driving, snapping fingers to turn off the lights, or using voice commands - we want to know what are the most valuable functions for you!


:pushpin: Submit your answers by Sunday, May 17, 4 PM PST to be eligible for rewards

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You can post more than once but make sure to share different stories/use cases, do not duplicate posts. Feel free to comment & reply to posts from other community members.


My iphone is unquestionably my favorite smart device. Sadly, it may as well be an appendage. The efficiency I gain from having it is great though. It’s pretty much everything you need in one. GPS, controls other devices in your home, can be a TV on the go, etc.

A close second would be my smart TV. Being able to stream my Plex movies from my PC and watch various apps with the click of a few buttons or a few voice commands is tough to live without once you have it.



A lot of us are representatives of the time when we were running to switch channels on the TV and we were the remote control from the TV :wink:. Therefore, it seems to me that for our generation, any function that turns something on and off remotely is already a great development. This is at least.
Personally, I don’t have any favorite features, but I can’t do without my phone. The phone is our everything!)
One problem is privacy. Therefore, we wait and hope that our IoTeX project will release an IoT Phone :ok_hand:

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My smart devices are very unique are germane to my daily life. They make it easy for me to navigate through my daily routines satisfactorily. With my Smart TV connected to any available source of power and my remote control by my side, I listening to various events, news and happenings around the world on the ago. :tv:
My laptop and smart phone often perform similar functions, the peculiar tasks are done with any of the devices that have the application. I cannot do without these devices, because they’ve been helping in taking my businesses, remote works and leisure activities to a greater height at the comfort of my home. :computer: :iphone: :calling: :desktop_computer:

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House should become smarter and easier. Main expectation is in that I would have an option of coordinating every device at home using any my laptop, PC or smartphone. Turn on/off light in another room, control the electric kettle while watching TV-show etc. Getting and saving data from local home meteostations, cooperating with health devices etc. And the main thing is everything that should be safe and private.

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my favorite device is the phone. it has absolutely all the functions I need that I use every day. This is an alarm clock, a pedometer, and payment systems, and a program for the trainings.
Today, the phone has replaced all otjer devices. sometimes even a laptop is not needed)))



The entire home is tending to become a niche global village where all smart devices can be control by the remote apps on the smartphones. Presently most smart home devices can be controlled by remote control at my convenient. :globe_with_meridians: :earth_americas: :world_map:
Am earnestly expecting a technology to be in place where all my smart devices can be controlled while away from home such as Ucam be presently being provided by IoTeX. The Internet of the thing being the core area of IoTeX have all what it takes to put this in place, I think IoTeX can outsmart others, taking advantages of this by developing various smart home devices inbuilt with this technology. :radio: :camera: :film_projector: :movie_camera: :fax: :shopping_cart: :iphone: :desktop_computer: :tv: :loudspeaker:

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My favorite device is a phone and a computer. They have absolutely everything that I need to work.

For relaxation, I really like our smart tv, in which I can find absolutely any film, channel, talk show, etc.

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Of course my smart phone seems to be my all in one pack. It does almost everything a PC could do, with great useful features that helps me get things done without glitches.

The phone speed coupled with the rate it sync’s with other devices easily is quite an amazing features I doubt I could live without.

My phone is definitely it, with the feature of reminding me of important events, to do list on the go plus other features, it obviously outperformed other smart devices.


For me, the smartphone is an indispensable smart device. I strongly believe that it is indispensable for most people. The indispensable functions are very diverse. Fast and free communication via messenger, internet access wherever you are and navigation thanks to GPS. The creation of pictures and videos with the smartphone is also indispensable.

As I write this text, I find it very frightening how much data is revealed.

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My android phone is just my one place for everything I want to do online, be it calls, doing research, selling, shopping, watching programs, listening to music or playing game and it’s very convenient and so it my favorite!!!