TOTW №15: Flashback - Favourite IoTeX Memory

Hello, IoTeX community!

For this week’s discussion, we would like you to share the most memorable flashback/memory of IoTeX up-to-date! As we are approaching Mainnet GA release on June 1, we would like to look back and remember some cool things that happened to the project and our community in the last 2 years. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:pushpin: Submit your answers by Sunday, May 31, 4 PM PST to be eligible for rewards

:moneybag: Rewards: All of the eligible answers will receive 300 IOTX EACH + all of the participants will be entered in the community scoreboard for May
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You can post more than once but make sure to share different stories/use cases, do not duplicate posts. Feel free to comment & reply to posts from other community members.


I have some memorable events related to the IoTeX project! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  1. My friend invited me to participate in a bounty campaign for writing an article. This was my first article. :wink:
  2. I won the creative bounty campaign and it became a huge motivator for my further work with the project. :ok_hand:
  3. I became the IoTeX Brand Ambassador and for two years now I have been part of the wonderful team of this amazing project !!! :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

The project suffered a lot of criticism, the drop in the token price, negative comparisons with another similar IoT project, BUT we survived! And today we see the result of our work - in a week the launch of the Mainnet GA!



Though it has not been quite long I joined the community through a friends recommendation. Have personally read so much about IoTeX achievements over the past years and i must commend, the team has really achieved a whole lot within a small space of time.
The 1 year anniversary celebration of IoTeX was really a memorable one for me cause I perfectly understands what it means for a business to survive a year and still counting.

Congratulations IoTeX on MainnetGA launch, very much excited to witness many more memorable events ahead. :champagne: :clinking_glasses:


I heard about Iotex for the first time when the partnership between XYO and IoTeX became known. Some time later I came across a tweet that rewarded the best answers with IOTX. I participated and received the reward. From then on, I worked more intensively on IoTeX and am enthusiastic about the good work of the Iotex team.

When I heard about the new award-winning Ucam, my acceptance of Iotex was confirmed as a forward-looking project. Privacy by design will help us take control of our data from GAFA. Hackers will also have a hard time using our data against us.

At this point, a big thank you to Iotex. At no time did I doubt the potential of Iotex.

I will accompany you on the trip to the moon :rocket: :new_moon: :heart_eyes:

TG: @altcoin_maximalist


Well, IoTeX is a big project, and there were lots of interesting events since I knew about it. So it would be hard to choose the most impressing one, and I’ll just notice that the first important one was the first detailed learning about IoTeX while the bounty campaign on AltcoinsTalks forum. First meeting always stayes the first. :innocent:

Telegram… @bez_nicka


Ever before joining the IoTeX as a full community member and later as a Brand Ambassador, I have been following her updates on Goingecko’s Official Telegram Channel, then participating in her gleam, AMA, Retweet and the likes without following back if winning any prizes. Sometimes, I noticed 1,000 IOTX in my wallet, then 2 months later an increase of 2,000 IOTX making a total of 3,000 IOTX.
This prompted me to do more enquries about IoTeX, what IoTeX is all about and here to offer via, whitepaper and medium. Then, having gotten a deeper understanding of IoTeX projects, vision and mission. I was totally absorbed and fully interested in everything about IoTeX.
Since then, the story have never remain the same. In IoT World, am seeing IoTeX taking the lead, her delegates, community programs, updates, technical and technology developments are all unique and superb. :wave: :heart_decoration: :+1:

Telegram Id: @tadex01


I remember, before the release, I read all the IoTeX documents. And from the very beginning it was clear that the team had a completely different approach than in other projects. It interested me. Why so, and not like everyone else? Since then I am with you)))


I’ve heard about IoTeX since the “Name-the-Net” Campaign to choose mainnet beta name, that was the beginning, and I have been among the 5 grand prize gleam winners, it was a special day for me, after that, I became participating the monthly activities, and i expanded in research on IoTeX projects to acquire experience and information that would increase my knowledge about internet of things.

I want to send a special thank to admins and delegates who have helped me in understanding some simple things for them but they humbly accept my questions, like Simone and Alina

TG username: @Polato


My favorite memory is the launch of the members portal and the start of voting for delegates in March of 2019. For me, this made the journey with IoTeX more real and really started the path to true independence.

To look back where the team was and the things they were talking about to now be reality is a great thing. I’ve never seen a team so consistent and professional in the crypto space. It’s very refreshing to support a team that’s building an ecosystem like IoTeX and that has the values of this team.



Every of the activities on Iotex will continue to linger on, Iotex platform has been uncommon one in their administrations and activities generally. Since I joined Iotex on the invitation of a friend, my mentality about blockchain oriented companies changed. Iotex has been consistent in following their road map to the best of my knowledge. :world_map: :globe_with_meridians: :compass:
Then, Iotex is fun, focused, full of activities that are very interesting and rewarding. What I enjoy most about Iotex is that she has been keeping me occupying with one activity or the other especially during my leisure time. My salutation and kudos goes to all the team, their workers, community members, wishing everyone happy Mainnet GA celebrations :men_wrestling: :sparkler: :fireworks: :sparkles: :balloon:

Telegram ID- @SangosanyaM


For me, IoTeX project is a place where something interesting always happens! As for any active community member, I am interested in bounty campaigns, which are unusual in this project. I read a lot on the crypto forums,that this is a pity that the project does not conduct a bounty campaign. But you are wrong, the bounty takes place several times per week on a regular basis. Just the names of these events are different))))
For me, the most interesting and memorable in the project are fascinating events that are constantly kept in good shape !!!

Thank you, IoTeX!



Though, I am new to iotex platform, iot is a new trend and a good investment for a long shot, therefore many people are going into iot and privacy development.
Favorite iotex memory would be the launching of mainnet GA where I can develop iot based on iotex secure blockchain. Brilliant!!



it was through bounty campaign i came to know about IoTeX, and when i started following on them on telegram reading up on their works and update, right then i realized that they really have potential.
all the setout vision they have they achieve and the a favorite day would be when halo program was launched.



All the memories made with IoTeX are very much cherished by me. IoTeX has and would always see through to its words - “An open ecosystem dedicated to build internet of trusted things where humans and machines can coexist with trust and privacy”.

Ucam app lauch followed by Ucam shipping to pre-orders having received much positive feedback from beta testers was quite memorable. Witnessing a real privacy product in the hands of users all thanks to IoTeX. A laudable accomplishment for IoTeX team and to all that craves privacy.

Cheers!!! IoTeX on MainnetGA launch. I foresee a much more brighter IoTeX :top:


Good afternoon!
I have been familiar with the project recently, but have already managed to get an unforgettable experience! I participated in the community campaigns twice, and all two times won prizes, it made me very happy!
I am very grateful to the IoTeX project for this!
I wish the project a successful Mainnet GA launch!


Hi, everybody, on the Internet, I got a video about your project, I got interested in it, I started studying it. I talked to your leaders on ama, with Alina and always received answers to my questions, this is the most interesting direct live communication, what we need. I was also pleased with your accurate execution of plans, no matter what, thank you for that. And the big surprise was your recognition by the binans exchange. We all see these high ratings, which makes us less worried. Thank you for making us happy.


June 1 will be a landmark event. Let’s believe it.

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My most memorable should be the IoTeX MainnetGA launch announcement. From all indication the team has paid their due debt and they sure deserve all the credit they could for all the achievements and partnerships.

MainnetGA will sure mark a new and remarkable journey for IoTeX. I’m very much glad to witness this great event. Congratulations are in order. Many more great events to unfold!!!


when i heard of internet of things i came to know about IoTeX, As time goes i knew the difference between IoTeX Platform and other Iot platform which is the fact that IoTeX brings the idea to life.
And the favourite Would be Halo grant program and Mainnet GA which is a big milestone for developers to build secure projects.
GREAT !! :+1::muscle: