TOTW №16: What Mainnet GA component will have the most impact on IoTeX's future?

Hello, IoTeX community!

As we are getting closer to the Mainnet GA launch, we hope that you had enough time to get familiar with all the great features that it will entail. If you haven’t, please read about the 5 main pillars that Mainnet GA consists of:

:white_small_square: IoTeX Platform 2.0
:white_small_square: Native Staking v2
:white_small_square: Pantheon for Enterprise
:white_small_square: Halo Grants Program
:white_small_square: Hermes Reward System

For this week’s discussion, please share what Mainnet GA component, in your opinion, will have the most impact on IoTeX’s future?

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I am fully confident that all components will have an effect on the entire IoTeX network. Because it is one single ecosystem that functions like a clock. Each element complements each other.

The IoTeX power is the unity of all its components! :blue_heart:



I can just agree with @Artanovskaya, all the components in their unity make a future Machina of IoTeX, so the expected impact is in their consolidated work. It is a technically complex device, but we use it like a single device, so we we evaluate it as a whole. :mag:

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Great news from IoTeX project, interesting new features that, with no doubt, will be successful.
All components are a single system. But I think that if one component is not successful, then the other component will replace it. That is, the system is completely interchangeable.

I like every component, I see interest in each and every opportunity the project provides will be useful and interesting to the community.



I think all the components are important, necessary and complementary as most commentators have said that they complements each other, But from my point of view Hermes 2.0 will have the greatest impact on the future of IoTeX because it will encourage both of the delegates and voters to use their services and amazing features that basically depends on profit both of them, in addition, the automation rewards distribution using the smart contracts which is considered the core for this wonderful technology will facilitate and organize all of this operations on the Mainnet GA

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All the five main pillars of MainnetGA are well thought out, powerful and unique. All respectively serving it’s purpose as uniquely programmed by the system to achieve a common goal.

Well, in my own view I think that the Halo grant feature will have the most impact on IoTeX’s future, in the sense that it will sure go a long way in helping to flesh out IoTeX visions. With Halo program, IoTeX will definitely be known for what it represents (building internet of trusted things) and will certainly have lots of “powered by IoTeX” products in it’s name.


The five.components of Mainnet GA are all relevant and unique in their own way. All will have good impact and will definitely take IoTeX to the next level.

However, mainnet GA Component that would have most impact on IoTeX IS The Halo grant program because it gives a great assistance to developers by providing platform, tool and great materials to work on a project.



Finaly the mainnet GA Is live.and came with 5 amazing component.

for me the component that would have most impact on IoTeX Future would be Hermes reward system. and all the delegates are already using it and many will sort it out not only for rewarding voters but for other activies too.



All components will have a positive impact on the future of IoTeX.

In my opinion, IoTeX Pantheon is the most important component for promoting adoption. Companies need specific solutions to handle internal processes confidentially. Involving the business world will have a major impact on Iotex’s growth.

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All the five components dependent on one another and are very keen to the entire IoTeX’S ecosystem. It is not all that disputable that one component will be better off than the others
Though they perform different functions but each of them is unique in its own way of jurisdiction. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raised_back_of_hand:

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The MainnetGA features are all amazing, but staking has always been a means of facilitating network operations and governance.
With the MainnetGA launch, the all new native staking v2 that replaced native staking v1 is even more flexible, secure and scalable.

This very feature enhances the security of the entire IoTeX network,thus has a great impact on IoTeX’s future.


Congratulations IoTeX! The MainnetGA launch was a success with all it’s five pillars operating simultaneously to achieve a steady IoTeX network.

Hermes 2.0 feature has simplified reward distribution for delegates (automated daily rewards distribution) and voters can now easily track/monitor their rewards. This feature impacts IoTeX’s future greatly cos it will attract more voters to vote with peace of mind Because of its transparency.


The MainnetGA features are awesome, I can’t help but agree that the Halo grant program will greatly impact IoTeX’s future.

A program designed by the team to welcome developers and nontechnical members of the community to build trusted devices on IoTeX network. In no time halo grant program will positively help sell IoTeX to the world and to find it’s rightful place in the IoT industry.


I still quite agreed with all the proponents that all components very important, but I have much reserved for Halo grants. It is a kind of initiative that is more required in the blockchain ecosystem presently. It will motivate the community members and developers to contribute and develop applications and various rewarding blockchain projects, especially whenever they have the will and required technical-know-how but lack funds
We should be expecting a total turn around and great awareness in the blockchain industry due to available of grants to execute projects

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