TOTW №18: Newsweek Ucam Review

Hello, IoTeX community!

After weeks of testing the real Ucam product, Newsweek publishes a glowing review of Ucam, proving the mass market is ready for Ucam! Newsweek is one of the top news publications in the world with 30M+ global readers. :earth_americas:

"For anyone who has any concerns about the security of their personal information or privacy, the UCam is perfect."

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For this week’s discussion, please comment on Newsweek’s review and share what you like most about Ucam.

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The Newsweek review was awesome. Being that Newsweek is pretty much a household name in terms of news magazines, legitimizes IoTeX even further. I think this exposure will absolutely bring in new, non-technical folks into the IoTeX ecosystem.

Unfortunately there’s no way I can name one thing I like about Ucam, because I like everything about it. It is hands down the best security camera I’ve ever had. The clarity of the feed, the sound through the app and ability to talk through the camera are second to none. I’m looking forward to the next “powered by IoTeX” devices. If Ucam is any indication, the next wave will be amazing too.



Ucam is a big milestone for IoTeX, and is really paving the way.
Everything about ucam is amazing. but the major would be the audio ability which most cameras dont have.
Nice review.:clap:


Ucam is the most desirable security and privacy device every home should aspire to have. Considering all its features, every Ucam owner will have a peace of man due to security being provided by this smart device irrespective of one location at any point in time.
The review by newsweek is a pointing signal to the populace of the importance of ucam and what IoTeX is here to offers. Every stranger to IoTeX who read this review will have something viable to take home and in no distantly will become friendly with IoTeX and her unique smart home device, Ucam.

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UCam Only pros in it no cons. The design, the security ,the privacy protection what else do anyone want in it .
Really an awesome product by IoTex .
#ucam rocks :rocket::rocket::heart_eyes:
Waiting for the next wave of IoTex @Alina

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WoW! Nice review from newsweek. I had to say that the synchronization of the Ucam to Ucam APP is really great. Permitting users to monitor their homes on the go. A really nice feature that allows users to set schedules for motion-detected event recording up to two hours with adjustable sensitivity and specific zones to monitor is really amazing. Great home security Cam powered by IoTeX.


It was interesting to read what features does Ucam have and how they are evaluated by an expert. A modern security cam with the actual features and additionally secured by cryptographical abilities of blockchain. Great! :+1:

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Ucam features are thrilling, to me the top feature of ucam is actually owning my privacy, this feature is priceless.
Everyone that loves his privacy very much should buy ucam coupled with the NFT that comes with it.


Ucam is a next-gen, blockchain-based home security camera that is user-centric and fully private. Equipped with premium features, including 1080p HD video, motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio, Ucam allows users to monitor their homes from anywhere at any time. Iotex doing great job by doing this and also it helpful for the users
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Everything about Ucam is groundbreaking in every sense of the word and just like the Newsweek review said it’s not like the controversial facial recognition cameras that people are worried about. Ucam is perfect for anyone who has concerns about the security of their information or privacy and The video quality of Ucam is crisp and clear, it’s really an impressive work.


Looks amazing, I’m glad someone is finally tackling privacy issues around IoT devices this has been needed for some time, we all know how many sites are out there with millions of unsecure cameras recording people without their knowledge, its horrible. Ucam can definitely change this!



UCam is the first step of many.

The security aspect is what is most exciting, soon this will be the norm and will be a standard across all businesses only increasing the demand for blockchain technology

IoTEX :rocket::waning_crescent_moon:



IOTEX! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


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Great review!
I really like the camera features that are well described in this review. And especially for me, as a blockchain and privacy and security fan, I like access to the camera through a private private key, and not through a password, which can be cracked in 15 minutes with a special program.


Publishing a review on such a site news famous like newsweek about not just Ucam product, it’s actually about #IoTeX project as a whole, extremely important step towards expansion to people really know what’s iotex ecosystem.
Most what encourage me to think about buying Ucam device is the offer that it introduced "a free encrypted cloud storage plan, it’s very generous and for longer clips the prices are so acceptable

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There is no feature of ucam that is not distinct and vital for one to possess it. All the features mentioned in the newsweek will make ucam not only to be in high demand but also sort for in every home. The fact that events happening at one absence can easily be rewinded on the go with one private key and password without losing the privacy will be one of the major reason for wider acceptable and selling point for ucam.

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IoTeX Ucam sure deserves such an awesome review from a credible source (NewsWeek). Well the major things that I like most about Ucam, firstly, is that it’s very much affordable. As we all know, “Affordability” is one of the major determinant of mass adoption of any product and IoTeX Ucam has surpassed that benchmark $45 only, despite the great privacy tech integrated into it.

Very user friendly that a non-tech person can easily install without much difficulty. More so, contents from the Ucam can be easily shared while owning your privacy. Great job team IoTeX, much more “powered By IoTeX” devices awaits!!!


‘‘The camera’s live feed can also be operated remotely via the app for on the fly monitoring, recording or even two-way video communication’’ tops it up for me.
Great review IoTeX team.


In general, the IoTeX has released an excellent product that works on blockchain - the first one on blockchain.
The review is excellent, it’s nice to read pleasant words from such publications about the product you are worried about.
Great done!



This is an impressive overview. The first thing we see is the ability to control children and protect adults with the characteristics of a Full HD 1080p video camera. It is a premium camera with all the related features. Ucam is one of the first cameras on the block and yet it has super protection.