TOTW №21: The Social Dilemma

A new Netflix documentary called Social Dilemma explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. It features a super-team of user-crusaders—from tech drop-outs to venerable scholars— blowing the whistle on the psychologically manipulative underbelly squeezing the Google and Facebook profit rag for nearly $200 billion annually. Even the term “user” comes under fire in the documentary: “There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.”

Read IoTeX’s feature on Hackernoon talking about the Social Dilemma:

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The documentary did a very good job of shedding light on how people and their attention are monetized. Many of us in the tech world already knew these things were going on. Nothing is free. People are paying with their privacy and attention to use these services and big tech is making unbelievable amounts of money. Some of these tools have integrated “opt-out” options on various intrusive aspects of their apps, but they’re not easy to find, which of course is by design. That’s why IoTeX is so promising, because it gives consumers the ability to own their data. Social media can serve a great purpose in society, but unfortunately as the documentary showed, it has done and is doing more damage than good, particularly with personal relationships and the way we communicate.



Only two organization call their customers " users" illegal drugs & software ". This statement is quite a relative explanation about this brilliant perfect eye opener documentary , undoubtedly it’s oscar deserving stuff . Every person living in present world is aware about how he or she is addicted to drug called social media in other words we are being used as lab rats not to discover something new but selling to customers , here advertisers are customers we are just products . Entire digital giant industry is poised to earn money not caring about the very humanity , so the biggest question is who is accountable to let this menace happened to us , when did we gave authority to social media to govern us are you willing to be controlled by digital giant industry ? Outstanding work done by director & creator along with netflix they actually exposed the unseen truth of people who are programming our thoughts our entire thinking and personality to become what they want us to be more like a addictive drug of social media fed into our system unknowingly . Hats off to creators of this documentary for selecting such a relevant issue where humanity itself trying to survive in chaos created by social media, social sites are blamed from rigging elections to spreading rumours which land into serious consequences because present geopolitical chaos happening in many countries is quite a picture to elaborate what is drug called social media is doing . So your personal life is no more personal as every like , share , tag or comment ypu posted is being watched by these digital giants or one can say they know more about us than we knows .It’s strong attempt to aware people how their lives are highly intruded by technology . One normally assumes that sole purpose of these social sites is to connect you to your friends relative peolle you know colleagues etc but hidden truth is dark, scary . I would like to recommend this great piece of art to everyone as first time such brave effort has been done with dedicated will for sake of humanity . This captivating , engaging , hard hitting , impactful ducumentary is must watch as it’s your decision to whom you want to hand over control of your life to social media or yourself ? Think think again.



Companies, governments and individual should be fair and just in their dealings. Statu-quo must be maintained at all time. Making profit is good, it is the reason why most businesses exist but we forgot to realize that balance the equation among the stakeholder is the ultimate. :weight_lifting_woman:
“The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits” to get their take on whether Friedman’s advice held true. Marc Benioff of Salesforce panned Friedman’s essay, “It’s time for a new kind of capitalism — stakeholder capitalism, which recognizes that our companies have a responsibility to all our stakeholders,” he said. “Yes, that includes shareholders, but also our employees, customers, communities and the planet.”
IoTeX crowned it all, we should continue to improve our systems of trust and cooperation. IoTeX embraced user-well-being as the fundamental character of her business. Businesses across the globe should endeavor to ensure that users should be prioritized in all. :+1:

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Social networks already changed our lives. What risks do they bring we are still learning. And nowadays you have to have a profile in a popular social network to get some benefits or even to get something simple. For instance some countries ask your profile with the documents pack for visa. And if you don’t have one it looks untrustworthy for them. So people are motivated to move their lives in public. Life becomes too open, and rights for privacy are being constantly reduced. We know that this pressure leads to depressions and suicides, because a human does not have a place to stay by his own. We know that criminals use this open data for scaming people. An honest human hardly imagine all criminal risks which are related with such measure of openness. Protection of privacy is important even if we still know not all the risks.

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It’s quite sad realising that each moment we spend on these social media’s are being monitored closely and the fact that we can hardy spend a day without logging into any of these social accounts to catch-up on the daily happenings is even more overwhelming.

The only good news now, is that privacy awareness is gradually building up and perhaps someday we would get to boost of our private lives/activities remaining private as it should.
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The monies these social media platforming are making at the expense of the human race is alarming. They have easy access to our data in the name of offering beneficial services which most people have addicted to especially at leisure. But the exploitation and the damage done to our data and privacy require an appropriate legislation from power that be in order to eliminate or outright get ride of these bad norms
It is high time the technology specialists get it right. They all should portray what they are known for, technological Gurus and innovators. A good name is better than riches. While make name without any criminal attachment (money inducement) riches will come.

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It is sad that social media companies can easily exploit and manipulate people to increase their profit margin. We have become so dependent on social media that even though we know our privacy can be violated it is now something that most cannot be without. The social dilemma looks at the impact of social media on people’s behavior, this documentary is a step in the right directions to make us all aware of the effects of being exposed to and manipulated by certain content can have. The fact that these individual are speaking out and calling for companies to take responsibility for what they post and promote is admirable. @Rese2


Truth be told, a huge number of people enjoy spending their leisure time on social media, but I’m quite certain, a good number of them would frown at it if they actually get to understand how they are being paid back for spending their time on the social meadia daily.
My take: Privacy seems to be the only remedy that would avert futher harvoc that the social media entities are raining down on human race all in the name of technological advancement.

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The dark side of social media is really terrible and scary, not knowing that you are being exploited, monitored and our behaviors influenced by faked or bad news being spread by these medias we rely on sometimes for relaxation, use our data for their own benefit. The truth is that the world is constantly changing and we cannot do without internet, with some of these technologies, and that’s why privacy matters and where privacy comes into play, to protect people.


It has long been clear that social media is a drug. And the developers are doing everything so that we can spend the most time on social networks. And real life, which is outside the screen, simply flows without our attention. It became easy to manage us. Tell through social networks that a virus is dangerous, and everyone will run to buy anything from a simple cold and close in their apartments.
The film is worthy of attention!

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There are many reasons why people keep using social media even when it’s bad for them, and these reasons vary across individuals and across circumstances.
many people continue to use social media even though they know it’s bad for them and even though they want to stop, because they’re psychologically predisposed to keep using it.
Overall, there are many reasons why people continue to use social media, even though it’s bad for them. These reasons include a lack of awareness of the risks involved, psychological mechanisms such as the fear of missing out, and situational factors such as the high accessibility of social media.

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Wow, this is educative, too bad most people don’t know about these hidden exploits from these social media companies, and most people use these media with sincerity thereby exposing themselves, friends family and privacy to world.


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The movie is very good! many important points are voiced in this movie that all of us should think about.


We live in a time where savage capitalism does not care about the communitary interest, Facebook and Google are only interested in profits with their user’s information. But that must change; blockchain can be start a new age, a new way of doing things, in which we can all play the win-win game, based on the real trust, IoTeX is on the right way, let’s continue on that way!!


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I saw this film yesterday. The film is made with high quality and interesting to watch. The film examines very topical issues and reveals the problem and specifics of collecting personal data from users who have turned into a product. I recommend watching this film, there are no big secrets in it, but for understanding the essence of the ongoing processes, the film is interesting and useful.