TOTW №22: Big brother is watching you: Which company uses the most of your data?

When it comes to an appetite for data, social media outfits are the most voracious, according to a recent study released this month by cybersecurity company Clario Tech.

For the study, Clario analyzed 48 apps from different sectors to see what permissions they ask users for in their terms and privacy agreements.

All companies on the list claim that they do not collect sensitive personal information, but sharing any data comes with a risk.

What do cookie pop-ups actually give websites access to? What data are we giving up everytime we click ‘accept’, and which businesses use the most of it?

For this week’s discussion, please share your thoughts on the potential harm to people that companies use this data? What types of data would you not share in any way? Would legislative regulation be able to protect personal data? How quickly devices with “Privacy by Design” like Ucam and Pebble Tracker can help protect user data?

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I don’t want to share me personal data like information , location, family members details my contacts etc device like u cam help me a lot cause it work on blockchain
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Most of these companies store people information for immediate or future uses which could serve as potential harm, as per future, it may be difficult to remember which of those companies could have expose ones data in case of one noticing any fowl play. I would not want to share any of my personal details. Legislators can enact and promote regulations that can protect personal data such that if any company breaches such can be sanctioned. Yes, Ucam and devices such as Pebble tracker is the societal hope in data protection because of their inclination with blockchain which is secured. :lock:

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The harm is the potential of the data leaking or getting into the wrong hands. The fact that these companies can’t guarantee your data is 100% safe should concern everyone at least a little bit.

Personal/intimate information is something I wouldn’t share. Some if this data is OK on its own but when it’s correlated in can be even more dangerous and invasive.

Legislation could do something, but if this is what people are signing up for while knowing the risks, then I’m they should be able to deal with the consequences . Big brother should not step in on this.

Privacy by Design devices can help right away in my opinion.

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The main problem is not just that they get some info. They do collect it through years! You can forget what have you been doing thirty years ago, but the company’s databases wouldn’t. And you will never know how exactly will they use all that data and who can get an access to it. :face_with_monocle:

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The fact that companies collect people’s data is not a new thing and that’s why people are worried because of the potential harm, which is that it can fall into the wrong hands, that is why I cannot share my personal data or give certain permission to some app. Legislative registration should really be made to protect personal data of people and with the recent achievements in technology, blockchain camera, soon devices like Ucam and pebble Tracker will play a unique role in privacy.


It poses great threats and looming dangers for people whose data is being utilized by companies. I wouldn’t like to share any of my data on my own volition. Legislative regulations have a vital roles to play in order to curb these anomalies. “Privacy by Design” like Ucam and Pebble Tracker can help protect user data in a timely manner. :selfie:

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We are exchanging more data than ever, and in the ways, we haven’t before. The technology is changing and this requires data privacy solutions to follow that change.
No matter the motives of companies, one thing cannot be overlooked, IAPP research indicates that by 2022, half of our planet’s population will have its personal information covered under local privacy regulations in line with the GDPR.

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Any violation of human privacy should be considered a serious crime but unfortunately we’re slowly moving towards that stage in life where crime is a new norm. Sad enough no legislative regulations can ever guarantee 100% privacy and for this reason uneducated mass are being exploited daily data wise. And once any sensitive information is leaked nothing can remedy such a situation. That’s why granting access to certain sites/app to access ones photos and files is considered a very high risk for me. Off limit!

As privacy awareness is growing by the day. Smart devices like Ucam and pebble tracker will be massively appreciated as the products are designed to serve it’s primary purpose while allowing it’s users own their data. Mass adoption underway!


Privacy protects our information we do not want shared publicly (such as health or personal finances) but unfortunately, a lot of platforms (esp. when conducting surveys) requires filling this information which means someone other than you has the access to such private & personal info which posses a huge threat.

Facebook showing the first & huge platform to collect data isn’t shocking, they have millions of users who sadly just input their data w/o thinking that they are prone to data breaching and other privacy issues(like impersonations, scamming, hacking which Facebook has been ignoring [maybe allowing it too] since these are a massive issues they’re not solving/no improvement).

Also, I’ve read a lot about hackers can have access to your computer’s camera (and even CCTVs) w/o you knowing it, so having #UCam is something we should prioritize.This way, you can finally #ownyourdata and be safe from hackers’ malicious intentions.

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I believe that legislatively unambiguous protection of your data will never be achieved, since corporations will always find workarounds to achieve their goals.

I believe that any of your personal data should not be shared, even if it seems insignificant to you, believe me, one day all this data will take on a completely different character and you will feel it.

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Personally,I’m not comfortable sharing any data of mine, the more reason I really love the visions behind the IoTeX network. “The freedom of doing as you wish with your data”. Cos looking at the bigger picture, legislative regulations regarding privacy or not, these data hunters will always find a way around it to get exactly what they want. So the lasting solution will always boil down to decentralization of data which is exactly why privacy camera like Ucam is steadily gaining recognition cos majority of users are tired already of being spied on.
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I think social networks collect the most data, it is photos, phone numbers, friends. Almost any information is available to the public. Probably one of the most important data is personal identification. Besides, some websites collect information about passwords and personal data. tg- myloginregionora

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Devices with “Privacy by Design” should replace conventional devices. People do not yet realize all the harm that corporations can do by using their data. Today, based on your data, they offer you goods and services, and tomorrow they will know exactly where to hit, so that you only get worse.

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The list of data collectors seems endless. Users can always be cautious of the kind of information they give out. Things can only get better when everyone gets to manage their data. Ucam and pebble tracker is just the beginning.
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Most companies that uses people data are banks, stores and social media; and legislative regulations don’t do much work to protect people data, its best for one to own his data and pebble tracker and ucam delivers that.

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It is known that facebook is the one of the the most voracious for our data and one that profits the most from it, no more facebook, no more give for free our data. #PrivacyMatters

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