TOTW №23: Who wins the Internet of Things?

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Last week, IoTeX was featured in IoT for All, a global IoT Publication, where IoTeX co-founder @Raullen discusses how blockchain will help evolve and democratize the future of IoT:

“A trusted IoT, or an Internet of Trusted Things, needs to be built private-by-design and with peer-to-peer, blockchain-based device identity and coordination built-in.”

Read the full article:

For this week’s discussion, please share your thoughts and ideas on “Who wins the Internet of Things? What company or demographic benefits most from that web of 30 odd billion devices that sit on dinner tables and cling to aircraft wings?”

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It is a complicated question. If we look retrospectively centralized companies won all the times before, because they have more resources to win. But having a decentralized alternatives gives more freedom to all the people, even if decentralized solutions control a lesser part of the market. Because everyone gets a choice. And I believe, realising the benefits of a decentralized solutions people would more often chouse exactly them rather then solutions of centralized companies in the future.

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To increase customer response, improve underperforming processes and develop new business opportunities Digital transformation through Iotx solutions How to improve industrial operations, how to develop corporate workspaces and how to connect devices in various fields, the Internet of Things will win with iotx. Tg: @mert0110

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Well this is a time relative question and topic of discussion too. If past & even present is considered, no individual is the the winner alone. It has been heavily manipulated by the big companies, you think you control your device but the company also uses various data to present ads. But if we will be considering the future, a drastic change may occur and a large no of people will start using decentralized way of using IOTs like the IoTeX ones. Data is a weapon of this era and one should know and control its weapon from being misused. So the nutshell is simple, it will be YOU.

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I think it will take some time for the implementation of all this, and most likely it will be in 5 years. But in this industry, #IOTEX will most likely be the flagship! TG @rudik74


One step ahead for transparent and future project reliable internet and blockchain base, iotex is in the right place​:clap::clap: Tg: @mert0110


This question can be answered from various viewpoints. I’ll take advertising.

In the current situation, the entity(ies) with the most access to IoTs and the data they generate, win. The data they have access to, allow them to identify and classify demographics for various niches, microniches and so on. This wealth of processed and organized data is sought after by advertisers for commerce, political, educational purposes, etc and they (advertisers) are willing to spend a lot of money for access to these data. So in my opinion, at the moment, they (entities with access to IoT and its data) win.

The general users probably win in terms of getting advertisement which are more tailored and related to their interests, if we call that winning.

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Insightful article, Iot is growing and winning maybe far fetched but it’s important for iotex to remain focused on the path and building that will lead to clear victory in iot. Freedom of privacy will always count. @R-emerald


Privacy and security of data is the ultimate, everyone believe that their data should be secured, and be accessible to the public solely at individual discretion but this is not the case with centralized connected devices solutions.
The tech company that uphold decentralization to the core win it all, like the IoT devices and the services offering by IoTeX. It is a matter of time, mass adoption will be seen soon in decentralization despite present echoing of centralization voices the so call ‘‘big tech’’ due to privacy and security that decentralized solutions is offering.

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How can one say who wins the internet of things, In my opinion I think it’s too early to say who wins, we are just starting, and a lot of big companies are the game to be on top, who remains relevant, tomorrow will tell, none the less IoTeX will be a force, and will play a big part.


Regarding this topic of who wins the internet of things, depends on who controls data/information, privacy. The future of IoT is promising. @samiigreen


Just like what the writer said, who wins the internet of trusted things concerns the future of humanity, therefore this power is too great to be won by a central authority. People should get involved to prevent this idea. IoT for All.


If we take into account the concept that the iotex team adheres to, then only users will benefit, because they will own their data and information and no one else.

Regardless of what devices will be in the future, if they are built for the benefit of people, then only people will always win!

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