TOTW №6: Use cases for Pebble Tracker

Hello, IoTeX community!

As you know, last week we have announced joining forces with Nordic in order to develop Pebble Tracker a blockchain-powered smart tracking solution.

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In this week’s discussion, we would like you to share some of the use cases and industries where this solution can be used. Use cases can be relevant to both versions of the Pebble Tracker 1) for blockchain and IoT developers 2) for commercial use - designed for asset tracking and industrial supply chain market.

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The first thing that comes to mind for me is drugs/medication. The integrity of the drugs we ingest can literally be the difference between life and death. Pebble Tracker could give us an extra level of comfort knowing where exactly our drugs are coming from and under what conditions they are transported. This will help healthcare entities comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2017 which requires serialized and lot-level tracing of drugs.

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Assets that require that the cold chain is not broken during its transfer, such as frozen foods and some medications, could incorporate a Pebble Tracker in the truck or container refrigerator. In this way when receiving the items, or the consumer himself, he could check if the cold chain has been broken. Certain insurers could incorporate microinsurance in the form of smartcontracts, so that they bear the costs if this occurs.


It is very mandatory, also the right for everyone to have access to healthy consumables such as foods and drinks not deviating from industrial qualities, standards, packaging and labeling from various originating manufacturers. :canned_food: :beverage_box: :champagne:
Pebble tracker can be used to track these consumables right from manufacturers through various channels of transportation and distribution, finally to the consumers to see if, at what time :mantelpiece_clock: and places :globe_with_meridians: :compass: that these food products have been tampering with due alteration in standard control measures on the device and penalize whosoever is responsible for these anomalies along the transport and distribution chains. :train: :trolleybus: :ship: :man_farmer: :man_cook: :man_office_worker: :airplane: :airplane:

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Pebble Tracker is very important.

How? Currently, E-commerce (ex, Amazon). All the store owners has to ship their product to Amazon Warehouse and it will be transfered to users from them. Here, They need to spend huge money on space, transport, employees and maintaning it.

With Pebble Tracker, Store owners can deliver the product and Amazon can use pebble tracker to track the shipping details. it will reduce lot of money and time.

Note: This is more suitable for Electronics delivery.

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Well, as we know Pebble Tracker from IoTeX gives more data comparing with regular trackers. That’s why the idea of using it for food :strawberry: :cheese: :pancakes: and medicine :ambulance: delivery is first that comes in mind. But there are more different purposes which also need additional safe and private data.

For instance, for transporting masterpieces of art :crown: :film_strip:: you need to know that everything is okey (for damage of the object preventing) and nobody else gets the same information (for robbery preventing).

Another instance is if you need to transport animals :lion: :horse: :panda_face: you also need additional data which can be provided by Pebble Tracker.

And there could be much more specific challenges which can find their solutions with Pebble Tracker. :nerd_face:

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If you’re sending a really expensive item in the mail, say via eBay, you could use this tracker to make sure that the person receives it, or if they didn’t, whether that’s true. This would also work for tracking if the item needs certain conditions via transport–such as no temperature extremes. Of course, there would have to be an app that the sender (and maybe even the recipient) could use to make sure these conditions are met, by monitoring the tracker.

Governments shipping vaccines could use this tracker. Certain vaccines need to be kept refrigerated, or they become useless. This tracker could keep track of whether the vaccines are kept cool, or if not, whether they need to be discarded.

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Logistic and courier services companies need the use of Pebble tracker more than anyone can ever imagined of. These companies are incurring huge losses in their day to day services to humanities due to pilferage, stealing, damages that could have been avoided if pebble tracker is engaged. :gift: :moneybag: :briefcase:
Pebble tracker can be used to track or monitor the state of goods from the originating companies, factories and individuals to see if there is any falling short of original at the point of final delivery. :face_with_monocle: :compass: :video_camera: :movie_camera: This will give every stakeholder peace of mind knowing fully well that their goods are secured. Also if there is pilferage, damages, shortage, outright loss, pebble tracker being provided by Iotex would detect it along the transport chain, the culpable entity can be held responsible and sanctioned accordingly. :unlock: :oncoming_taxi: :articulated_lorry:

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Great use cases so far! :heart_eyes:

My favorite use case for Pebble Tracker is Wine Delivery – not because of the overall size of the industry but about the amount of wine lost every year due to mishandling. Did you know almost 10% of all wine that is shipped globally is ruined!?

With Pebble Tracker, wineries can have full transparency into what happened to their shipments of beautiful grape juice, as well as who is at fault. Right now there is no attribution, so the losses are practically written off as sunk costs, which greatly damages the bottom line of wineries.

Imagine using a combination sensor data to enforce payments and identify who is at fault for losses, all based on the following metrics provided by Pebble Tracker:

  • GPS Location: know where your shipment is at all times with 100% trust
  • Temperature: wine should be held under room temperature to prevent spoiling
  • Humidity: too much moisture in the air can damage wine corks and ruin wines
  • Motion/Vibration: cracked bottles can be attributed to a specific shipping company
  • Light: identify who/when/where your shipping crate was opened in case of theft

I feel that it is very important for CONSTRUCTION industry:

Construction firms pay a lot of money for their equipment, and GPS trackers can help them recover said items in the event of a robbery.

Trucks, power tools, and other on-site essentials may be a target for thieves. Irish construction-related crime has increased in recent years, though the Garda’s crackdown has been effective. Construction firms must equip their vehicles with GPS tracking units, in case opportunistic criminals attempt to remove them from a site; the damage will only be worse if tools are left in them.

GPS tracking in vehicles can also ensure drivers carrying loads from one site to another are not wasting time or taking unsafe routes. Knowing the surveillance technology is in place, can provide workers with ample motivation to minimize wasted time and obey the proper safety regulations.

Furthermore, tracking can be critical to invoice customers accurately, as data will support the amount of hours a vehicle has been used for over time. Individual workers on-site should be equipped with wearable GPS tech too, to assess their activities throughout their shift and identify any performance-related issues that may arise.

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It is very important Logistics Industry:

They will move the product/foods from one place to another and if it delays it could create many issues. For Example,when they move food items if it delayed, it might go waste.Food waste is big issues currently.

Another one is Healthcare, When they move patients from One place to Another. it is very important to maintain the time. there might be Emergency cases. it shouldn’t be delayed.

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The possible uses of the pebble tracker are diverse.

What is special is the fact that smart contracts are possible. If certain events occur, the smart contract decides on the next step. For example, the cooling machine of a cooling truck can be controlled automatically.

A particular example in this case would be perishable food. The pebble tracker would send the refrigerated truck the information that the perishable product is in a critical refrigerated area. In this case, the pebble tracker would transmit the information described here. The cooling truck would switch up the cooling and the problem would be solved.

Apart from that, supply chains can be automated and optimized. Many intermediaries and the associated bureaucracy could be eliminated thanks to pebble trackers. This includes crossing national borders and the resulting customs formalities.


The problem is very common, and it may be easier to solve it using the Pebble Tracker.
Every car owner can face this big problem.
The problem of hijacking is always relevant. And no matter what car manufacturers would come up with, hijackers will always find a way around the safety system of any car.
The Pebble Tracker hidden in the car, when hijacked, will help you quickly and easily track the location of the stolen car. And given that all data will be stored on the blockchain, there is no possibility of their deletion.


Small, low-cost autonomous underwater vehicles, that are equipped as small weather and environmental submarine stations. Pebble Tracker incorporates the basic GPS and environmental sensor: temperature, barometric pressure, deepness, and volatile organic compounds.
The ambient light sensor will prove to be very useful for measuring water quality at different depths. But
what will be discovered as an essential tool in the fight for the quality of marine life will be the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) incorporated on Pebble Tracker.
IoTex will ensure that all this valuable information is made available to all countries in an open and secure manner.
All fishing fleets in the world will appreciate the quality of the information provided. Connections between temperature and sea currents and the earth’s climate will begin to be discovered, which will improve the ability to anticipate natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tsunamis in advance.
:grin: On March 17, 2022, iotex team will receive the World Ecology Award from the International Center for Tropical Ecology at UM-St. Louis, for his contribution to the maintenance of marine life, just 30 years after the famous Jacques Cousteau received it. :sailboat: :whale: :tropical_fish: :fish: :blowfish: :octopus: :shell:


Is this imagination? :smile:

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Yes, it is. Everything starts with imagination. :nerd_face:


I like your example. Once my car was hijacked :sleepy:

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A Pebble Tracker is a very cool thing! It seems to me that you can apply it absolutely everywhere - from any goods supply to … let your imagination run wild.
But my example will be like that.
Despite the fact that almost everyone now has phones, even a schoolboy who went to school the first day, but they are still not reliable. Each parent worries about his child, so he wants to know every step he takes and what happens to the child. Given all the technical characteristics that the Pebble Tracker will be equipped with, this is an excellent opportunity for “tracking” your child. The child can lose the phone, and put the tracker in his pocket, the child will not play with them, since it is not interesting for him, which meanstracker will be with the child all the time!
I am for the complete safety of my child, although perhaps I am very protective of him! :joy:



More imagination: A Personal Pebble Tracker which measures your body temperature and transmits it safely to a “virus safe” application. In this way you can know in advance if someone with an excess of body temperature has entered a building, room, public transport or similar. A team of specialist doctors can contact you, if you wish, to assess your medical condition if your body temperature is high, so that they can “deactivate” your signal in the application temporarily if it presents a justified cause (not contagious), and as long as you follow some medical guidelines to monitor your disease.
Special cleaning teams can be activated for each new case detected, since the route of said person is known exactly in recent days, as well as people who have come into contact. Iotex ensures that the data is only used to improve the general health of the population and individuals.


Pebble tracker is the first fully trusted smart GPS locatiob data and environmental data tracker with 4G connectivity and unique track-and-trace capabilities. It gives the user exclusive access to pebble tracker, thus, giving him the full right of keeping their data fully private, sharing it with others or exposing it to service providers,
uses cases of pebble tracker
*Tracks GPS location data
*Tracks environmental data
*own your privacy
*built in security

These use cases can widely be used by shipping companies for tracking and tracing goods for adequate delivery info.
This can also be used by companies that deals on meteorology and weather forcasting to track temperature, humidity and air metrics.
This use cases can also be used in agriculture both for GPS (tracking goods) and environment (weather conditions) tracking.
This can also be used in medicine to check atmospheric condition that is suitable for classified patients. Etc
In all use cases it keeps the data private for the users use only. And the use cases not only extend to companies but to individuals that want native security over their data, to track or trace products/packages/ items/ environmental data.
for the fact pebble tracker is built on blockchain and IoT ( IoTex) , the uses Cases extends to blockchain and IoT developers.
Pebble tracker is a piece of iceberg of what IoTex, a combination Of blockchain and IoT technology has to offer.