Transaction Fees: fee-less vs low fees

From a tech standpoint, I would give the nod to IOTX over all other IoT-centric projects. On decentralization as well. The only challenge I see from a consumer or developer would be fees. IOTA touts fee-less transactions and for many this is enough to move the needle if all things are equal. I’m interested in the objective counter argument. “They may be fee-less, but…” Just interested in the various opinions out there.


Two cents

  1. fee-less does not mean great for usage as some effort is still needed to perform a IOTA tx, which do not work for most of the IoT devices, e.g., constrained CPU, limited battery, you name it.
  2. Within the team, we have the idea of making something called “entangled accounts” meaning bunch of accounts are associated; one or few holding IOTXs while others just consume IOTX if they launch transactions. I believe this is the right approach for fee-less structure that adapts to many IoT scenarios, e.g., user’s account pays for gas fees for his machines.

@raullen great point regarding the limited resources on IoT devices. The entangled accounts sounds very interesting.

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