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So I sent from my iopay wallet to coinbase pro. When I sent it I choose to use the ether address as that is what coinbase pro is using. Sent it 2 hours ago and it shows complete but it’s not showing in my pro account . Thoughts ?
dafb25e4e249c02c13700cac53a4920860958042a883a3298722f4614071844e Is the hash

Also shows 1 pending nonce

Hi, Coinbase Pro does not support native IOTX tokens (i.e. IoTeX blockchain tokens) but only the IOTX(ERC20) token on the Ethereum blockchain.

I see your tx hash shows nothing on the Ethereum chain explorer so I guess you sent native tokens to Coinbase pro. I’m afraid they are lost, unless you can get in contact with them and convince the support team to send them back (which for them means to import the private key of their ethereum address (0x9189441085f2b854ba848f6e06d44c9027d04eb7) in any IoTeX native wallet (ioPay - DePIN crypto wallet) and send the tokens back to your address

So even though on the iopay wallet it has the eth address you can send it to ? I wouldn’t think that should have worked. Is there anything else that can be done on my end ?

The address representation format itself doesn’t set the blockchain you are using: it’s just a different way to represent the address of your wallet. If your Metamask or ioPay wallet is connected to the IoTeX blockchain, it doesn’t matter the format of the address you use: you are sending tokens on the IoTeX blockchain.

This is true for any wallet and for any Ethereum-compatible chain: e.g. Binance Smart Chain also uses the “0x…” Ethereum representation for addresses, but as long as Metamask is connected to the Binance Smart Chain RPC, those addresses refer to the BSC chain, and any token transfers happens from/to BSC accounts, not Ethereum.

You can read here for more info: Address Conversion | IoTeX Documentation

As for your tokens, now they have been sent to this address 0x9189441085f2b854ba848f6e06d44c9027d04eb7 but on the IoTeX chain, not the Ethereum chain, where that account is probably just empty. Because that account is a Coinbase account, they own the private key, and they can use that private key to access the same account on the IoTeX chain where you sent the funds, to send them back. Whether they want to do it or not though it’s up to them.

Great so I’m screwed. Coinbase doesn’t do anything to help anyone . Fml

Here is a transaction for my attempt to convert my native IOTX to erc20. Nothing has shown up for an hour, I opted to use “my wallet” as the ethereum address - as prompted - was this a mistake?


If you used the ioTube bridge (which you should have done!) please notice that the service has been down for a few hours. It should be fixed now, you can also monitor the ioTube explorer here:

So if I transferred ERC20 iotex from coinbase to eth address in iopay app they are gone? Been over 12 hours:( zerion shows them there but I can’t see them to send to metamask

:raised_hands:t2: First of all, no worries: as long as you don’t delete the address from ioPay, your tokens are not lost. Please read more to learn how things work.

What happened

When you do any blockchain transfer, you don’t transfer tokens into a wallet app (into ioPay, or into Metamask, or into Trust, or whatever): the crypto-tokens always live on a blockchain, a “transfer” simply transfers the ownership to a different address, not the tokens. They always stay on the blockchain of the sender (whatever the recipient address is, whatever wallet generated it).

So if you withdrew from Coinbase, since Coinbase trades the ERC20 IOTX token on the Ethereum blockchain, whatever address you set as the withdrawal recipient, your tokens were assiged to that address on the Ethereum blockchain. This is not an issue with IoPay, or Coinbase: this is just how blockchain works. You should have withdrawn using an Ethereum wallet because you were withdrawing and Ethereum token.

Recover access to your tokens

So now you need to access the recipient address but on the Ethereum blockchain, and you need an Ethereum wallet for that, not ioPay (which is connected to the IoTeX blockchain).

Now, since you created that address in the ioPay app, this means that after all you own the private key for the address: just visualize the key in ioPay and import it in Metamask (make sure Metamask is connected to the Ethereum mainnet) and there you’ll find your IOTX.

Maybe you have to add the IOTX custom token to the Metamask Assets to see your IOTX. In any case, the IOTX token contract address on Ethereum is: 0x6fb3e0a217407efff7ca062d46c26e5d60a14d69

Optionally, swap them to the IoTeX Mainnet

If you want to stake your IOTX tokens, you must swap/convert them to native IOTX, i.e. you need to move them from the Ethereum chain to the IoTeX chain. Moving tokens between different blockchains cannot be achieved by simple wallet transfers: you need a blockchain bridge for that. IoTeX provides a decentralized bridge that connects IoTeX to Ethereum, BSC and Polygon (so far).

  • Just select Ethereum as the source chain
  • IoTeX as the destination chain
  • connect your Metamask to ioTube
  • click “MyAddress” to send to the same Metamask address but on the IoTeX Blockchain
  • make sure you have some ETH to pay for the gas on Ethereum
  • send your tokens

After the tx is confirmad on Ethereum, in a few menutes you’ll find your Wrapped IOTX in your ioPay wallet.

Unwrap WIOTX to IOTX

As you created a new ioPay account, you should have received a 0.1 IOTX airdrop for your first transactions gas. So in ioPay

  • access the “Discover” tab
  • find mimo among the Dapps
  • use mimo to unwrap your WIOTX to IOTX
  • Check your new balance in ioPay
  • Use the STAKE button to start staking

Excellent explanation all is working well thank you

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Hi, I have transferred IOTX from my wallet to COinbase wallet address, but in the transaction report i can see an IOTX destination what i can not access and IOTX does not appear in Coinbase for hours. Could you please help?