Transferred BUSD from IoPay to Binance... Never showed the credit

IoPay shows me an Action Hash but the help desk at Binance asks for a TxID. When I entered IoPay Action Hash, the answer was something like “no useful data found”. Anyway, the case at Binance is being processed. 5 labour days from today.

Action Hash: 46aba2bca08eed7fa59a1a101816dd6ec82f1a297e10b0b748e73f4d9dcf4174

Hour before I made another transfer from IoPay to Binance, only it was IoTeX, and it came perfectly.

Both times I transferred from mi IoPay app in my phone to my account at Binance reading the QR code so… I don´t know what went wrong.

Any tip? Thanks in advance.