Treasureland Protocol

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[Treasureland Protocol]

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[NFT Marketplace & Protocol ]

Proposal Description

[ Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT aggregation protocol that supports NFT creation, issuance, auction, and socialization, aiming to connect NFT creators, users, and consumers in a decentralized way.

Treasureland Protocol is an infrastructure of NFT transaction. By providing a large number of tools as APIs, SDKs which include statistics on-chain, social medias, user behavior analysis, both developers and common users can quickly establish their own independent market.

Over 200 projects and artists are working with us. We keep learning from the market and are committed to provide users with smooth experience of trading NFT/Metaverse assets.

Treasureland Protocol has already deployed smart contracts on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Moonriver Network. By connecting IoTex, we are exciting to join IoTex ecosystem and bring all our cooperators/artists/game projects/seasoned developers and NFT enthusiasts onto IoTex network to help building the ecosystem healthy with more variety. ]


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  • Milestone 1 (ACHIEVED):

Step1: Download the IoTex node and build the wallet service in the AWS server;
Step2: Integrate the IoTex service into the Treasureland wallet service, create and modify the corresponding configuration file;
Step3: Create NFT assets in the IoTex environment, and complete the functional test of the entire station TL for the IoTex link;

-Duration (weeks): 1 week
-Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): Users can use BEP20 standard IOTX to purchase all kinds of NFT assets in TL marketplace.
-Funds request (USD): 20,000 USD
-Metrics: 1000-2000 active monthly users

  • Milestone 2 (ACHIEVED):

Step4: Deploy the official contract script to IoTex network;
Step5: Release;

-Duration (weeks): 1 week
-Funds request (USD): 30,000USD
-Metrics: 3000-6000 active monthly users

Milestone 2 Report:

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Total funds requested

[ 50,000 USD ]

About your Team

[ The core team members of Treasureland held BTC from 2013. All our developers and team members are willing to make every effort to build Treasureland Protocol up to be a necessary web3.0 infrastructure, so as to contribute to the blockchain industry.]


[If applicable, please provide the number of users/transactions you expect your product to bring to the IoTeX ecosystem]
Over 10,000 users



Twitter :
Medium :
Github : treasureland-market · GitHub
Discord: Treasureland
Telegram News: Telegram: Contact @TreasurelandNFT
Telegram Global: Telegram: Contact @TreasurelandMarket]

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Do you support XRC721 NFT such as MFI?

No, because I don’t like the proposal is presented, it should be presented fully transparent .!