Trusted Location, A Major Leap Forward for Developers and Investors Alike

IoTeX is thrilled to announce the launch of a new service providing Trusted Location, a supercharged evolution of the Meta-Pebble into more than just a product; into a unique infrastructure that enables vast opportunities for developers and investors.

The good news for users is that, unlike the Meta-Pebble, W3bstream-powered trusted location does not require users to purchase an NFT to activate and use this geo-based application.

IoTeX CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Raullen Chai said trusted location is not just a product; it’s a comprehensive infrastructure that creates a wealth of opportunities for developers and investors alike. This is key for commercial success, and “we are confident that our community investors will see the value in this approach,” he explained.

“Trusted location is the evolution of the original Meta-Pebble concept into a bigger and more ambitious project,” said Chai. “Unlike the Meta-Pebble, users do not need to purchase an NFT to use it, a step we see as critical to bringing the next significant wave of people to Web3.”

Just over a year ago, IoTeX announced the release of Meta-Pebble. Still, after a highly detailed review and reconsideration, the core team concluded that this product needed to evolve into an application that anybody could use for free as a more concrete step toward mass adoption.

Trusted location promises to be a game-changer that will benefit the entire IoTeX community, and beyond, as it makes it much easier for anyone to create their own NFT or product, Chai said.

Chai explained that instead of focusing on developing just one product, Meta-Pebble, IoTeX’s team of over 50 top-level engineers transformed it into trusted location, powered by W3bstream that enables hundreds of projects to build their own products, Chai said.

It is poised to revolutionize geo-location-based NFT minting. It is the key to connecting users’ mobile phones to the IoTeX blockchain network and smart contracts in a verifiable, tamper-proof way.

Whether it’s fitness and health-related data from your wearables, travel-related data such as biking or mobility, or proving you visited a museum or sports event, trusted location offers new ways to earn digital assets from activities users carry out in the real world for the first time.

Finally, IoTeX is also thrilled to announce Perkable as the first project to use the trusted location infrastructure. Perkable is an exciting new venture that will bring even more value to IoTeX and our investors.

Perkable, currently being tested by the IoTeX community, is a new geo-based dApp built on W3bstream. Perkable uses trusted location to provide proof of location and a decentralized ID solution that ensures users are genuine and tied with the IMEI of their devices, proofing one device, one user concept.

That means people can only create one account per smart device. This use case is convenient for the safe and fair distribution of monies to refugees, disaster victims, and universal basic income.

We are incredibly excited to share this news with our community and ecosystem partners. This significant milestone will help propel IoTeX forward and bring us closer to realizing the machine economy vision for smart device connectivity.

We look forward to continuing to communicate transparently with our community and other prominent stakeholders and sharing more exciting news shortly.

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