Turning off Auto Stake 91 days


I noticed when I turned off auto staking, the countdown started a few days later and then it changes the original date to the current date when I turned the button off.

My question is, if I leave the auto stake button on, would I still be able to withdraw my stake after 91 days. Or would I have to wait another 91 days on top of that? That unstaking button is very dangerous to those that are not aware and I would like some clarity on it as that countdown is a very long time to wait. Turning it in to 182 days.

I have lost over 2k in Airdrip with the current price of iotex. It is paying 30cents a week in rewards for a 6k iotex investment on each of my 8 wallets… I just want my investment out and want to know, do I need to turn off that button now or will it be safe to leave it as it is.

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