Ucam Referral Program -- Official Thread

Earn up to $10 per Ucam Referral :white_check_mark:

Refer Ucam to your family, friends, and network and earn commission on every sale! Accumulate referral points (1 referral = 25 points) and cash them in for cash prizes – the more people you refer, the higher commission rate you receive.

Getting Started

Register by visiting the Ucam Referrals website and clicking the “:gift: Rewards” icon on the bottom right of the page. After creating an account, you can find your unique referral link, track your referrals, and redeem your points for cash or stablecoins (ioBUSD).

Note: Referral points cannot be transferred between accounts. Any fraudulent behavior will result in permanent disqualification from the program. For questions, please contact us on Telegram.

Refer Ucam to Your Network

Anyone who purchases Ucam via your referral link will receive $5 off, 1mo enhanced storage, and a Ucam NFT! Send your referral link directly to friends and family, or spread it across Twitter and other social media. You can even write a blog or create a YouTube video guiding viewers to buy with your referral link! Once your referred order is processed and shipped, your referral will be credited to your account.

:arrow_right: Check out our Ucam Media Pack with helpful resources, including a Ucam one-pager w/ comparison chart of top security cameras, Ucam setup guide, and plenty of graphics.

Other helpful resources to support your referrals:

:star: If you are interested in placing a group order to save on shipping or being a local distributor of Ucam in your country, send an email to [email protected]

Redeeming Your Points for Cash

You can cash in 25 referral points for $2.50 or accumulate your referral points and cash them in for larger prizes. By accumulating 500 points (20 referrals), you can earn $200 – that’s $10 per referral! You may choose to redeem for IoTeX stablecoins (BUSD) with no fee, or for cash via Paypal with $1 flat fee.

Redeem your points for cash/crypto by following these instructions:

  1. Click on “Ways to Redeem” in your Rewards profile. Depending on how many points you have, you may see different redemption options.

  1. After you choose an option by clicking “View”, proceed through the process until you receive your promo code. Click “Apply Code” before proceeding.

  1. Next visit the Referral Program website and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see four “products” – select the one that matches your promo code.

  1. Read the information on the website and then click “Add to Cart”.

  1. Enter either your IoTeX address (if you want to be paid in BUSD) or Paypal email (if you want to be paid in cash) in the field provided. Then click “Check out”.

  1. Verify your promo code is applied and accurate, as well as your contact information where you will receive updates on your payment. Scroll down and click “Continue to payment”.

  1. On the final page, click “Pay now” to complete the redemption process. You will receive an email confirmation and we will process payments as quickly as we can!


For any questions on Ucam or the Referrals Program, please contact an Admin in the IoTeX Telegram Group.


Well structured, organised, and community based referral program. This will remain an ever-green event in the memory of every community member in the years to come. :wave: