Ucam Security/Privacy vs Ring 2FA

So it looks like Amazon is responding to the alarming number of hacks on their Ring cameras and is now in the process of integrating 2FA. It will be required for owners of Ring.

While I do believe this may impact some who may have potentially bought Ucam, I still think Ucam’s security will be superior. If text or email is compromised, then so is 2FA. An interesting revalation. Just curious shat everyone thought about this. I suspect we will see other’s follow suit.

2FA is a good feature to have for centralized ID system. There are different types of 2FA. Google authenticator or authy is good because it does not rely on another channel of communication. SMS or email as 2FA is still very dangerous. Recently there were large vol of bitcoin hack from an exchange because of comprising of SMS.

In contract, Ucam’s ID is decentralized ID system, which does not rely on other providers to identify yourself. The hacking of ID system as difficult as hacking a blockchain.

This is only from the aspect of protecting ID/login. Another aspect (more important) is that they still have access to all your data regardless of what ID system it is.

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