Update to wallets holding locked IOTX tokens and August token distribution

As we are preparing for our upcoming distribution of IOTX tokens, we wanted to provide an update on the addresses that hold locked tokens. To ensure best security practices, we have rotated the addresses that hold locked IOTX tokens. The administrative address of the IoTeX token smart contract has also been rotated to a new address. Starting today, the following six addresses hold locked IOTX tokens:

  • 0x9631eA18E14b3629Caf46b141Ab215DB51465660
  • 0x0fbD65285B3D5e4061861aD67644D668534Ef362
  • 0x59592b36973e184033a9e4bbf407D697BD5A77ED
  • 0x2B0d3F767F117D4Dcae7e55cCbF096be68e0240c
  • 0xc10815DD494e01672373b91fD32e6d0c5D6e6052
  • 0xD0960C69A0801651b424FCee69888f41813bA8B5

The IOTX token is currently an ERC-20 token, which will be converted to a native token upon Mainnet launch in Q1 2019. In the meantime, you can see the number of tokens held in any address on Etherscan. These six currently addresses hold ~88.5% of IOTX tokens, which is exactly the same as before.

Before the end of August, as scheduled, 1.9% of the total token token supply will be released. For the full details of our token distribution schedule, please see: https://iotex.io/FAQ

If you have any questions regarding our locked tokens, please feel free to reach out to us on our official Telegram or social media channels. Thank you for your support!


The IoTeX team