Upgrading the Governance & Community Platform

Hello IoTeX,


This proposal aims to get the IoTeX community interested in upgrading governance platforms to Commonwealth.


With some upgrades to IoTeX’s governance forum I believe that this community could see a drastic rise in activity and innovative ideas being passed. What I am proposing is for IoTeX to move over to the Commonwealth platform that already has the upgrades that this community needs. The major changes are as follows:

  1. Create a governance platform and forum that makes it easy to participate and start discussion in an organized way.
  2. Have a community fund built into the governance platform where IoTeX can invest in projects that benefit the community.
  3. Experience Commonwealth’s network effect where IoTeX will be exposed to all the other DeFi communities and some top 10 crypto protocols giving the IoTeX community a chance to grow
  4. Enable the community to create and manage the execution of bounties efficiently alongside all of the other community activities.

Commonwealth isn’t just a governance interface, it has the capabilities to become the decentralized hub for all of the community activities taking place within IoTeX. Commonwealth is already doing this with a couple decentralized communities.

Key Feature Upgrades:

  • Crypto-native discourse with an integration to Snapshot voting, staking dashboard and other new features to IoTeX’s governance.
  • In-depth transparency & analytics for both thread activity and profiles. Profile transparency includes forum activity history, past votes, and more.
  • On-chain integrated governance dashboard built specifically for decentralized communities. Everyone can receive notifications if they want to and Commonwealth can integrate with Telegram and other channels.

What is Commonwealth?

A few stats / facts:

  • Is already the go-to-governance interface in the Polkadot Ecosystem, onboarding an average of 1 parachain per week since 2021.
  • We are rolling out the solution to the Ethereum Ecosystem. The founders of Opyn, SportX, Marlin Protocol, Injective Protocol, Showtime, and many more are in the latest round and will be using Commonwealth as their governance experience, as we roll out to the ecosystem.
  • Have a growing network effect and have 5k+ signups in alpha and a waiting list of 100+ additional communities that want to use Commonwealth.

Next Steps

The IoTex team get in touch with Commonwealth to build a testnet on the Commonwealth platform and get the Commonwealth team to build any custom features that the IoTex community wants to see in the new platform. Once that’s done the existing forum data would be migrated over to Commonwealth.