Vitality (VITA) Update - VITA Trading & Buy-back Program

In June 2019 we launched Vitality (VITA), the first XRC20 token on the IoTeX Network. Today, thousands of IoTeX community members hold and interact with VITA. As the IoTeX ecosystem expands with new devices and Dapps, we plan to explore new forms of utility for VITA to enhance our community’s experience.

In this post we share updates on VITA, including IOTX/VITA trading on mimo and buyback program for VITA bidders.

What is VITA?

VITA is an XRC20 token on IoTeX that is designed to empower decentralized community incentives and governance. VITA is distributed to active community members in a variety of ways:

  • All IoTeX stakeholders may claim a daily share of VITA via ioPay, the official IoTeX Wallet.
  • Anyone can bid for VITA by depositing IOTX to the daily VITA bidding pool
  • Anyone can earn VITA on Discord by participating in giveaways, airdrops, games, and more.

VITA can be used to obtain discounts on IoTeX swag/products, interact with IoTeX Dapps/games, and enter IOTX lotteries/giveaways. For more details, see the VITA FAQs & website.

VITA Trading is Coming Soon!

Earlier this week we announced mimo, a new decentralized exchange (DEX) with automated liquidity that is launching on IoTeX. Starting September 22, anyone will be able to provide liquidity to the IOTX/VITA liquidity pool and trade IOTX/VITA on mimo. We are excited to enable this highly requested feature with mimo.

VITA Bidding Buy-back Program

We are offering a one-time VITA buy-back program, which is available to anyone that has bid for VITA over the past year. IoTeX will buy-back the VITA you received from bidding in exchange for IOTX at your average IOTX/VITA bid rate. All VITA you received from bidding must be returned to be eligible (no fractional buy-backs).

:arrow_right: Submit your buy-back request via this form:

All requests must be submitted before IOTX/VITA trading on mimo is launched on September 22 SGT.

What’s Next?

We look forward to opening IOTX/VITA trading via mimo on September 22 SGT. In addition, mimo users will be able to trade IOTX for wETH, BUSD, PAXG, and other ERC20 assets bridged via ioTube. We will provide tutorials for trading and providing liquidity before the official launch.

For bidders that submit a buy-back request, we will verify your VITA bidding history via your IoTeX address and contact you with further instructions via email/Telegram. For any questions, please contact an Admin on the IoTeX Telegram Group.


With the gradual completion of the underlying IoT+ open finance infra, we expect to see high-quality assets with enough liquidity live on IoTeX blockchain. VITA will be such a native asset. Please do contribute to liquidity of VITA once mimo is open!