VitaMart is Now Open to the Public

Hello everyone! In the past 2 months since VITA launched, we are super excited to see thousands of you have been actively claimed, bid and played with VITA via various community campaigns. Hope you already accumulated quite an amount of VITA in hand!

As you know, VitaMart-US was successfully launched last week. We have received lots of positive feedbacks and suggestions from the community and continuously improving the process. Today, we are happy to announce the official launch of VitaMart with our first two sub-stores: Giveaway and VitaMall!

What is VitaMart

Powered by IoTeX Blockchain, VitaMart is an IoT market for VITA holders to use VITA to purchase exclusive IoTeX swag, IoT product giveaways, IoTeX product, lotteries, and more.

Before you make any purchase, please make sure you have enough VITA in your Discord account to proceed.

Make Sure You Have Enough VITA in Discord

As long as you have a Discord account and joined VITA Group, a hosted wallet is automatically created for you to store and manage VITA & IOTX. Make sure you have enough VITA (to buy giveaway slot or discount code) and at least 10 IOTX (native token as a gas fee) in the Discord wallet.

Check Discord wallet address and VITA/IOTX balance via @vitabot

Check your Discord wallet address and VITA/IOTX balance by typing “ !balance ” in VITA Group or @vitabot. A message will be sent from @vitabot. You can also transfer VITA from an external IoTeX wallet to your Discord wallet address.

How to Get VITA

  • Help with Community Growth — VITA can be earned in VITA Discord Group via tipping, complete tasks, test products, etc.
  • Bid VITA with IOTX, check here.
  • Staking / Voting, check here.

IOTX-to-VITA Bidding Pool is Now Open on IoTeX Wallets!

Claiming VITA — Step-by-Step Instructions

VitaMart currently includes with 2 sub-stores, which will be introduced below.

VitaMart — Giveaway

Giveaway store provides limited quantity IoT products that are purchased with VITA. New products will be put on the shelves every week. All giveaways are on a FCFS (first come, first serve) basis, so remember to come back and check the new stuff regularly!

A few giveaway products: 3D Printer, Translator and iPhone Stabilizer

For the first few rounds, all the listed giveaways are ONLY available for eligible products shipped to U.S. delivery addresses in the 48 contiguous states in the United States. We will expand the store to cover more countries gradually. Sponsors’ referral is highly welcomed!

VitaMart ( — Giveaway Product Page

Detailed instruction is provided on every product page at and pinned a message in VitaMart Group. Please strictly follow the Instructions for eligible participation.

VitaMart — VitaMall

To simplify everyday experiences with technology, VitaMall provides cool, fun and useful products to VITA holders. All of the products listed can be purchased at a discount with VITA . New products will be put on shelves regularly.

Different from the Giveaway store, all products listed in VitaMall are available for worldwide shipping at a flat rate of $2.99. For most of the destination countries, it takes about 20–30 days (at most 80 days) to arrive.

Buy Your Favorite Product using VITA Discount Code!

  1. Add your favorite product to the shopping cart. Under “ Purchase Instruction” , copy the discount code command for the record.

VitaMart ( - VitaMall Product Page

  1. Join VitaMart Group. Type the specific command in the group or private message @vitamart to purchase the discount code with the specified amount of VITA. You will get a VITA Discount Code in the confirmation message in a few seconds. Copy the discount code for record.

Private Message with @vitabot in VitaMart Group

  1. Go to the shopping cart. Review your order and apply the VITA Discount Code during checkout. Only one code can be applied for each order

Checkout Page

VitaMall supports various payment methods, e.g., credit cards , PayPal , Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash, Etherem, Litecoin and USD Coin (IOTX in the near future!).

Checkout — Payment

  1. Review everything and submit your order — now you are all set! A confirmation email will be sent to your email address (the one you used to register VitaMart store) for the record. You will receive status updates once the shipping number is provided.

Special Notice about VITA Discount Code

  • After you typed in the VITA Discount Code purchase command, the specific amount of VITA will be deducted from your VITA Discord wallet.
  • Please think it over before you make the code purchase. The discount code is non-refundable.
  • Only one code can be applied for each order.
  • The unique discount code is only applied once per order. Limit of 1 use in total, and only applies to the current product. Please keep it to yourself.

More to come and we’d love to hear your voice!

In the past few weeks, the VITA team has been working hard to provide a smooth experience for our community to use VITA across the IoTeX Network. As we soft-launched VitaMart with the first round of products, we would love to hear your feedback and continuously improving the store / Discord bot interaction experience. If you have any suggestions, or specific product recommendations that you think can be included in VitaMart, please let us know in the VITA Discord Group. Happy shopping!

About VITA

Vitality (VITA) is the first token to be launched on the IoTeX Network. At a high level, VITA incentivizes community activeness and will power IoTeX products (e.g., IoT marketplace, Member Portal, Forum) and other apps. As the IoTeX community grows, VITA will also grow in utility and value.



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VitaMart Discord:

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