W3bstream AMA on Reddit

Hi All,

A heads-up to everyone - There was a really terrific W3bstream AMA on our IoTeX Reddit yesterday. The founding team gave detailed, thoughtful answers to so many insightful questions. These were question that let us flesh out what’s been going on with W3bstream and IoTeX more broadly.

Topics Covered
• IoTeX and Standards
• Working With Projects and Developers
• IoTeX’s Financial Foundations
• Web2 to Web3
• W3bstream and the MachineFi Economy
• Why Use W3bstream?
• W3bstream / IoTeX Growth
• 2022 Achievements in a Nutshell
• Security and Privacy

We think you’ll appreciate how much thought went into these answers so wander over to our Reddit and… Read it!

Let us know what you think or if these spurred other questions that you think needed to be asked.