W3bstream Has Launched!

Hopefully, by now you’ve heard the news that W3bstream Devnet Seed Release has launched. Maybe you aren’t sure what W3bstream does and why it’s a major event in the blockchain world. We don’t think this is hype and we’ll explain why.

What is W3bstream ?

W3bstream is the world’s first decentralized infrastructure for real-world devices and data. Essentially, W3bstream is the offchain middleware that makes it possible to take data from connected devices and convert that data into proofs of real world actions and events. These proofs can then be used by dApps on the IoTeX and Ethereum blockchains (more chains to be added). When people opt in to provide data to these dApps, they will earn rewards for the use of that data. An important thing to remember is that the dApps don’t use the original raw data but rather use the proofs that W3bstream generates from that data. That’s privacy preserving and vastly more efficient.

Who does this matter to?

Everyday people like you and me

Naturally, for people who are used to having their data used by big tech companies without being compensated, this is a paradigm shift. It flips the business model from a centrally controlled model to one where you and I determine who to share our data with and on what terms. As builders, companies, and organizations define their data needs and what they are willing to pay for, we’ll all have new ways of earning from our normal daily activities and for activities that dApp creators will incentivize.

dApp Builders

W3bstream, even in this early form, is providing an invaluable suite of resources. These tools provide developers, builders, businesses, and device makers with cutting-edge tools and middleware that reduce development timelines and costs by at least 50%. W3bstream supports data validation programming and processing logic with Rust, Go, and C++. W3bstream is based on a Web Assembly (WASM) virtual machine.

This is just the first release of W3bstream and we have a detailed and ambitious roadmap that outlines the incredible scope of this groundbreaking platform. For a more in-depth view of W3bstream read our blog. And you can learn more on https://w3bstream.com/

Let’s get personal.

How will you be using W3bstream ?

As a builder?

As a user of dApps?

What coming uses fire your imagination?

Go wild with your suggestions.

There’s a big new world about to be created and every single one started with

What if we…



What if we…

Created a dApp to track the electricity used by electric car charging stations? That data might be of interest to city planners, and to energy and mobility companies. It might also be of interest to local departments of environmental protection, to public health orgs and others interested in correlating this data with asthma rates or other respiratory diseases. Your turn.