W3bstream (IoTeX) Brief overview of W3bstream heading into their launch

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With Q1 coming to a close. IoTeX W3bstream a Rollup-centric scalable architecture for off-chain data computation, is set to launch Mainnet Flourish, planned for Q2 2024. Being the most exiting roadmap where the integration of privacy-preserving features such as confidential computing and differential privacy occurs. With that being said, lets take a look at W3bstream!

If you have ben a DePIN enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of W3bstream or maybe even used it. Imagine the possibilities of being able to open the world of IoT to a world of Rollups. W3bstream was driven by the need to scale DePIN applications. Pioneering the DePIN landscape can be rich and varied and overwhelming too. Integrated with IoTeX, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Arbitruim and Optimism. At it’s core W3bstream is a unique and groundbreaking blockchain-agnostic infra that will disrupt the machine economy, connecting across blockchains and enabling applications to build.

MachineFi Economy Explained

The biggest question today is, should companies join the Web3 revolution? The answer is quite obvious. Yes, they should but many are hesitant because of how time consuming and expensive it can be. But that’s no longer true now that IoTeX has launched W3bstream, which cuts costs and go-to-market times by more than 50%. Quoting Dr Raullen, IoTeX CEO and Founder “W3bstream is the result of over a year of scientific and technological research and development. It will be the backbone of the entire decentralized machine economy” Here is a glimpse on Dr Raullen’s interview with Wagmi ventures

W3bstream achieves this by implementing a framework that allows blockchains to interact –

  1. Sovereign Smart Devices: These are crucial for data trustworthiness in DePIN projects. Deployed in the physical world, these devices not only collect data but also attest to the trustworthiness of the data collection process.

  2. Data Availability Layer: This layer is responsible for temporarily storing data received from devices. It can be either on-chain or off-chain and is different from persistent storage due to its short-term nature.

  3. Decentralized Sequencer Network (DSN): DSN reaches consensus on the data collected from devices and stores it in the data availability layer. This consensus is necessary for any meaningful computations to be carried out.

  4. Decentralized Aggregator Network: Responsible for computation, this network retrieves data in batches from the data availability layer and generates aggregated zk-proofs for one or multiple devices.

  5. Layer-1 Network: Smart contracts on a Layer-1 can be used as verifiers to verify the zk-proofs generated by off-chain aggregators. In this way, the Layer-1 serves as the trust foundation and settlement layer for DePIN applications.

A Look Into The Future

W3bstream will turn into the foundation of the whole decentralized machine economy and will disrupt many industries improving processes, machine network correspondence and streaming, information adaptation, and unification. IoTeX is building the internet of tomorrow, today! Welcome to the future.

W3bstream Links

Website: https://w3bstream.com/
X: https://x.com/w3bstream_com
Github: Node API
Docs: https://docs.w3bstream.com/