Web 3 Deposit Not Showing The Balance

Anyone can help me? I just send BUSD to iopay instead using the native 1 was unknownly using web3… the transaction was success but i dont know how to see my blalance ini my iopay wallet!



I mistakenly did the same also need help recovering tokens. Don’t know who to contact

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me too…
how to fix it ?

Have you been able to fix it @rjuffrey

not yet sir
still stuck

Check your message @rjuffrey

I did the same thing trying to move tokens into the app and then to MetaMask for Pebble registration and setup. It’s been a miserable experience and still sit stuck not knowing how to “just get started” already :frowning:

So how’s is it going? .
I do the same thing and the coin didnt show up