Whither W3bstream? (Where is W3bstream headed?)

W3bstream has launched and projects are beginning to take advantage of the growing range of tools that let developers use device data on blockchains. W3bstream turns that data into proofs that are used in dApp smart contracts across a variety of categories.

We anticipate projects will fit into the following categories:

  • Proof of Anything - prove you’re a real person and not a bot, prove you are at a specific location at a specific time.

  • X-and-Earn - This pertains to single devices and single users. Examples: HealthBlocks, CalDance, (both fitness), Travala (travel), Mindland (Meditation),

  • Community-Owned Networks - Nesten (decentralized Wireless service), SOARchain (decentralized driving data)

  • Decentralized Data Pools - Where devices add data to a pool and share in the revenue generated by the use of that data pool. Examples: Elumicate (outdoor data), enviroBLOQ (inside-of-building data)

  • Web2 to Web3 Transformation - empower Web2 companies to unlock the value of the data they generate. The potential to improve business functions and provide valuable data to 3rd parties is still impossible to calculate.

But we also recognize that people will take these tools and use them in ways that none of us anticipated or predicted. For example, when cell phones first became commonplace, who predicted they would be the basis for ride sharing apps?

With that little slice of humble pie, we want both your predictions. Where W3bstream development will take off and where we should try to promote its use? Are you up to the challenge?

My slippery answer is - the use case that has the lowest barriers to entry, combined with it being fun, will be the so-called ‘killer app’. But what will that be? Bring on the predictions and suggestions!


These days the most popular direction is X-to-Earn so I believe that we will see more DApps in this field. And I like it :+1:
Next step for sure will be Web2 to Web3!


I think wearables, games based on location data are the key to mass adoption of w3bstream.


W3bstream is the door opening the metaverse to the real world allowing real life use cases instead of token shenanigans. When people realise the extent that machines can enrich their lives through work and data provision W3bstream nodes are going to start smokin’!


iotex watch with gps, come on!

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Web2 to web3 definitely :grin: will be great to see some traditional web2 companies adopting w3bstream that’s really important.

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Sounds cool :grin:

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Hardware is hard, not to mention expensive! But it would be way cool, wouldn’t it?

Any thoughts on which Web2 businesses would be among the first to enter Web3? My guess is companies will start by making Web3 a component of their overall strategy and, assuming successes, throw more resources at the Web3 parts.

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Agree and likely businesses that can profit from web3 moving 1st. In Iotex’s case using machines to do the work (creating & packing/shipping) and DAO contracts to automate and cut out labour. Amazon is probably leading with that.

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Good observations here. @Roddo’s thought that Amazon (or whoever) will use IoT in processing orders makes perfect sense. It also points to the coming labor market disruptions that will result.

That’s where @Artanovskaya’s suggestion of X-to-earn (or X-and-earn) comes into play. For there to be a functioning economy, people need to have money to spend, to circulate in an economy. If you and I can monetize our behavior, that could be a source of revenue that will circulate money in an ever more MachineFi-based economy. This will resemble UBI - Universal Basic Income. Given that it’s market based, it’s likely to be acceptable to a range of political persuasions. (I sure hope so) Thoughts on this?

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X to earn :soon: universal basic income :soon: a universal basic standard of living.

It’s a nice thought and governments would get behind it especially when they can tax the machine earnings using other machines :joy:

To reverse the expression, “There’s a dark cloud behind every silver lining” Ha! But you’re right that governments will want a slice of the pie.

In my view w3bstream could be the first one to build up massive user apps in web2. Let’s face the fact: web3 has no users, for now. the best way is to help web2 users by building on w3bstream, do not change them.


Hey Dr.DriveX! Welcome to the Forum community.

We are, of course, working towards the goal of having massive usage. And you’re right, helping people build on W3bstream will make it happen. We’re keenly mindful that providing tools that give you the flexibility to do different things and are easy to use will help make W3bstream successful. Our roadmap reflects our commitment and how we’ll get there.


Hi to all…
I am wondering if it is possible to connect a smartphone to the IOTEX network? iotex team if you can connect smartphones to a network… so we’ll have millions of devices that can send telemetry data


Hey dude, maybe you want to check out DriveX: [Accepted]DriveX: A blockchain defined vehicle connectivity protocol - #4 by Til75

There will be a phone version that transmits telemetry to IoTeX from your smartphone for your driving data.