Why I cannot change staking duration to less than first stake

Can anyone help me, I misconfigure my staking duration. Why it is not allow to change duration lower than the first one?

Do you mean when restaking before the initial stake is finished?

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Yes, I cannot change it to lower. Even unstaking is not possible. Why unstaking is disable? Please help :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Hi. I’ll try to help. But first I have to ask some question.Did you lock your coins for burn-drop?

Already removed lock feature. The thing is I set the number of staking day for 1000 :sweat_smile: problem is I cannot set it to lower. :neutral_face:

One is set like that you cant take it back.Now you have to be patient

Yeah looks like I have to patiently wait for it but I hope they can add an option to voluntarily withdraw on staking at least in a minimum days just like on binance.

I don’t see that being fair towards the voting process though. Imagine if a vote comes up for a change in the blockchain and stakers were allowed to drastically increase their staking duration to increase voting power towards a delegate and then change it after the vote ends. I do hope that it will be well worth it in the end for you when the duration is up though!

okay now I’m having trouble again. What IF I did lock them for burn drop?? for some reason I can’t restake to change my stake lock to OFF like i usually do. I’m assuming nothing has changed?