Wishlist for Bootstrapping IoTeX Ecosystem

Here are some wishes I have for making the ecosystem great! Let us know what you would like to contribute here.

Tiny Wishes

  • IoTeX Desktop Themes

Small Wishes

  • Multi-language SDKs (Rust, Python, Ruby, Swift, Kotlin)
  • Hardware wallet support for IoTeX native token (Trezor, KeepPay)
  • Games, better to be IoT related

Some of the Bigger Wishes

  • Online IDE
  • Reward distribution tracking for delegates
  • Host a local meetup in your area

For completion of a wish, my personal proposal:

  • tiny wish - 5M IOTX votes for 30 days
  • small wish - 15M IOTX votes for 30 days
  • bigger ones - 25M IOTX votes for 90+ days

Last but not least, feel free to contribute wishes and I will aggregate them into this thread!