YouTube Comment activity - Community Scoreboard Initiative - June 2020

How to participate?

:one: Watch our latest Town Hall video

:two: In the comment under the video please share what initiative discussed in the video are you the most excited about and why?

:three: Include your TG ID {@username} in your comment to receive 50 points towards the Scoreboard for June

:alarm_clock: Timeline: please submit your response by Sunday, June 14, 4 PM PST


New interesting task - :+1:

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Learning and knowing more about various projects, history, and landmarks of IoTeX from inception is amazing and worth been part of this unique platform.

Telegram Id : @tadex01


The information disseminated is given the aliens to Iotex the vivid picture on whom they are, also reminding the people who started with Iotex from day one, the agenda, achievements and great exploits done on the Iotex Ecosystem. :writing_hand:

Telegram ID- @SangosanyaM