Zoom gives out information to Google?

Zoom just asked me to accept that they give our information to Google. Isn’t that kind of like working with our (De-Fi users) arch enemy? it doesn’t specify what information either. I won’t be using them anymore unfortunately. I was just about to activate a Rocket pool and they said I have to mark the little box… so, yeah…… no.

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You can contact Zoomswap team regarding your question via telegram Telegram: Contact @zoomswapgroup

Hey Hunter all I can say if it was actually them asking…Is at least they had the decency to ask as apposed to it being taken/stolen for years previously.:slight_smile: keep smiling mate

well they didn’t ask via DM or anything, it was a window that pops up to apply to participate in a “Rocket Pool” It had a bit of text, and then terms and conditions type box to check if you agree. so you had to check the box to get in on the Rocket Pools. it was definitely from Zoom