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DeFi portfolio tracker

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DePocket is a one-stop-shop platform for the 21st century crypto investors and developers:

→ Crypto-asset management & DeFi utilities: Enables users easily manage their assets & make transactions across different DeFi protocols and blockchains in real-time. Provides a range of utilities such as a Yield Aggregator, or AutoSwap, which help users pay less and earn more.
→ Web3 on-chain API: Helps developers to access information from all major DeFi protocols quickly and at much lower cost.

Integration Value
For users:
IoTeX is now live on DePocket dashboard. This integration will provide significant convenience for users in portfolios monitoring across multiple chains/dApps/protocols.
→ Users can now use the DePocket app to track and manage their assets without connecting their wallets.
→ Additionally, they can use the DePocket app to perform high-speed swaps with the cheapest fees available, and with updated data on-chain news.
→ Despite all of these advantages, there is still more to come.

For IoTeX ecosystem:
Currently we’ve successfully integrated IoTeX into our list of supported chains. Users now be able to track balances and portfolios without connecting any wallets, anywhere, any time. DePocket supports not only the blockchain platform alone, but also the integration of IoTeX’s ecosystem of dapps and protocols.
→ All user investments will be displayed in a smart and organized way in a single screen. A variety of dapps, exchanges, protocols in the IoTeX ecosystem will be optimally displayed by DePocket to users of both sides.
→ DePocket would like to contribute in promoting mass adoption of IoTeX ecosystem to more communities, from other ecosystem, as well as outside space.


  • Milestone 1:
    • Duration (weeks): 1 week (already done)
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): integrate IoTeX into our list of supported chains.
    • Funds request (USD): 0 USD
  • Milestone 2:
    • Duration (weeks): 1-2 months, depending on the number of dapps integrated
    • Deliverables (make sure they can be easily verified): support tracking balances and monitor portfolio on multiple dapps, protocols on IoTeX (staking, farming, borrowing, lending, liquidity pools,…)
    • Funds request (USD): 1000 USD

Total funds requested

1000 USD

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Although these options are not mandatory, please consider committing to them for the greater benefit of the IoTeX ecosystem.

  • We commit to open source the project: YES

  • We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: NO

  • We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: NO

About your Team

  • Hoang Le - CEO & Co-founder Industry, specializing in IT with 7+ years in R&D related to software engineering & Blockchain. LinkedIn
  • Tuan Hoang - CTO & Co-founder 5+ years experience in blockchain and software engineering. LinkedIn
  • Nabi Klover - CMO & Co-founder 8+ years in Digital Marketing & Cryptocurrency; Former Havas Global Agent, My Defi Pet. LinkedIn
  • Huong Phung - Co-founder Business Development 7+ R&D experience in software engineering & Blockchain. LinkedIn


With 10,000 monthly active users and 39,000 connected wallet. We are confident to bring the IoTeX ecosystem 2,000 - 5,000 users.


Linktree: @DePocket | Twitter | Linktree
Website: https://depocket.com/
Launch App: https://app.depocket.com/login
Litepaper: https://depocket.com/docs/litepaper_v1.0.pdf

Full Features Demo: DePocket App - Full Features Demo - YouTube
IoTeX Demo Wallet: https://link.depocket.com/demoIotex

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=== When you are ready, please edit this post and fill out mileston reports below below. ===

Milestone Report: #1
:pencil:Invoice form has been filled out correctly for this milestone.
Deliverable Title: Integrate IoTeX into our list of supported chains.
Announcement of the integration
Demo wallet
Payment tx:

Milestone Report: #2
:pencil:Invoice form has been filled out correctly for this milestone.
Deliverable Title: Contribute to the expansion of the IoTeX ecosystem by integrating dApps
Proof: we already achieved the milestone that integrated FilDa and Zoomswap. Kindly check the demo tracking address here:
Zoomswap: DePocket | Defi Dashboard
FilDa: https://app.depocket.com/address/0xbafd452d6a7bdd48d4314db1948834ea513dedd4
Note: We also supporte Iotex addresses, here are the demo link:
DePocket | Defi Dashboard
Payment tx:

Milestone Report: #3
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Deliverable Title: …
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