[Accepted]Elumicate - Real World Data Capture

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Project Name

The Elumicate Network

Project Type

New IoT Devices, MachineFi

Proposal Description

Elumicate is a fully decentralised network that is owned by all who participate, yet owned by no single entity. By utilising advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and a variety of data capture devices, the network’s purpose is to capture and digitise real world events in real time and allow for quick and easy data retrieval. A token model is used to reward participants for their efforts and the same token is converted into data credits in order to gain access to the accumulated data. This creates a loop where the work put in to accumulate the data is rewarded with tokens that can then be used to gain access to that data.

We are looking for $34k in equity-free funding and IoTeX’s assistance with product development and marketing support.

Our team has already put in considerable time, effort, and funding into the development of our AI platform, internal systems, and market research to prove the value and desire for the data we seek to retrieve. We’ve demonstrated a great deal of interest from Industry players that want to access this data, as well as community members who want to participate in the retrieval of this data.

Our wait list (found at https://www.elumicate.com) has accumulated over 3300 signups within a matter of weeks with zero investment in marketing. We have an interactive and growing community that has shown great excitement and support, dedicating their own time to sharing the vision through social media and by creating and sharing their own videos.

We seek to bring millions of users and transactions as well as significant exposure to the IoTeX platform and will work alongside the IoTeX team to ensure success in proving the real world functionality of the IoTeX L2 Oracle layer.


  • Milestone 1:

    • Setup, Development, and Configuration of IoTeX L2 Oracle node without access to IoTeX dev docs.
    • Deliverables:
      • Software beta launch allowing public mining pool functionality
      • integration with wallet & L2 Oracle node
      • 100 users
      • Duration: 3 weeks
    • Funds requested (USD): 5,000 USD
  • Milestone 2:

    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • Deliverables:
      • IoTeX L1 integration on testnet
      • Data upload and integration with Oracle node & L1 testnet
      • rewarding and staking capabilities and metrics integration.
      • dApp creation
      • Integration with wallet and dApp.
      • smart contract and testnet deployment in preparation for mainnet launch event.
      • 1K users
    • Funds requested (USD): 10,000 USD
  • Milestone 3:

    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • Deliverables:
      • Transition to IoTeX mainnet
      • Token launch
      • user and public feed additions to camera mining pool
      • 5K users
    • Funds requested (USD): 10,000 USD

Total funds requested

[ 25,000 USD ]

About your Team

Jason Bernard - CEO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-bernard-0b5477b/
Olivier Bertrand - CTO - https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivier-bertrand-29969234/
David Savoie - Director / Business Adviser - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcsavoie/
Michel Chiasson - Sales Adviser - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelchiasson/
Eric Hervet - Computer Vision Technology Adviser https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-hervet-01023a121/
Ahmadou El Bachir Gaye - Software Developer
Friedman Noubimbo - Software Developer
Salem Ghouili - Blockchain/Full Stack Developer
Viktor Boiarchuk - Full Stack Developer
Elumicate Inc. - Elumicate Inc. | LinkedIn


5K users in first 3 months


Discord Group Link

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I just don’t know why you have a milestone 0 of

  • Setup, Development, and Configuration of IoTeX L2 Oracle node without access to IoTeX dev docs.

Why without access to docs? I thought your proposal was to create a new data Oracle, why do you need L2 Oracle docs?

This is because we are early for L2 and there is currently no documentation available from IoTeX on how to setup and configure the Oracle node on IoTeX. We are not creating a new data Oracle for IoTeX, we are building one for our project’s use on the IoTeX infrastructure.

I see, so this project is on hold until we deliver the docs to you?

No, we will be working with Simone to push through without the docs.

Aha, I see, great stuff, I wish you luck!

Interesting project, we need to know more about your product roadmap, how it will be combined with machinefi and how users will use it. And i know your team have a plan to issue tokens form whitepaper, so how the token combine the products.

Phase 1 (2nd quarter 2022):

  • The ELUM token will be launched.
  • We will launch a mining pool that will allow individuals to immediately begin mining data and get rewarded in the ELUM token (by downloading and running the mining program).
  • Staking allows for enhanced rewards
  • The mining pool capacity will change depending on the number of cameras being mined and we will increase this number steadily after launch (thousands of feeds will be added to the pool over time).
  • all participants in the mining pool will be rewarded an equal token share based on individual uptime.
  • the system will automatically assign camera feeds to the miners.

Phase 2 (3rd quarter 2022)

  • Individuals will now be able to set up and mine from their own IP cameras in their location of choice.
  • The public mining pool will allow individuals that do not live near prime traffic areas to still be able to participate.
  • rewards factors will include up time, location (Prime locations such as Intersections, railroad crossings, and traffic lights for example; will get a percentage boost.) and number of tracked events (cars, pedestrians, bicycles, etc.).

Phase 3

  • All in one device for quick and easy setup.
  • Data ecosystem development - 3rd party integration for data sales.

Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 of this proposal have been completed with over 1k users onboarded.