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Encentive.io protocol is a robust and secure DeFi ecosystem platform that allows its users to perform one-click deployment of their own DEXs to monetize their traffic and take advantage of a variety of other cutting-edge features. The users of the protocol can customize multiple solutions within the ecosystem such as pairs of tradeable assets, native tokens and their supply, and additional incentives for other users in the form of LP fees, staking pools native to the protocol, and possible token airdrops. Encentive protocol introduces an innovative model of liquidity bonded across all DEXs deployed via the protocol.

Encentive.io is a development tool allowing its users to integrate a variety of DeFi features into their own projects. The value proposition of Encentive is deeply rooted in the principles of Web3.0, where every single user should be allowed to deploy his own functioning products without funds or lack of technical knowledge as limiting factors. The team behind the protocol strongly believes in ‘Democratization’ as the 7th pillar of modern DeFi ecosystems. The very nature of the Encentive as an easy-to-use development tool allows every retail user to monetize their participation in DeFi without unnecessary exposure to additional risk factors being the result of participating in the existing protocols.

Encentive.io is a project-agnostic development tool, which helps not only retail users and smaller development teams to deploy their own customized DeFi solutions but also equips other projects with powerful DeFi features helping them minimize their development expenses. Encentive.io also helps the influencers from the space additionally monetize their efforts by letting them take advantage of owning their own Decentralized Exchange without them enriching 3rd party service providers. The newest features of the protocol such as the deployment of one-sided staking pools and community airdrops met with a warm welcome from many projects lacking the resources to deploy their own advanced DeFi solutions.

Benefits for IoTeX:

Encentive.io will allow projects from the IoTeX Ecosystem to deploy the most cutting-edge DeFi features in a timely, efficient and inexpensive manner. More attractive DeFi features will let the projects from the IoTeX Ecosystem become a more feasible alternative for potential investors and users, bringing more traffic and possibly more TVL as a result.

User Acquisition Plan:

Securing potential partnerships with different projects in the space by enhancing the features offered by their own protocols.

Indirect retail user adoption as a result of the users using the DeFi functions offered by ecosystem protocols (delivered by Encentive).

Compatible Networks:




Specific resources from the IoTeX Foundation:

  • introducing Encentive.io protocol to a wider network of operators/projects existing within IoTeX ecosystem


09/2021 - official launch of the protocol;

Q4 2021 - official release of ‘VI version’ of the protocol - support of DEX deployment, liquidity pools and other functions;

Q1 2022 - introduction of the new features - bonded liquidity, airdrops, deployment on BSC, ETH, KCC, Heco and other mainnets;

Total TVL: >$5,000,000

No. of Ecosystem Partners: 10


Q2 2022: 50-100 users/day; 100-200 TXNs/day

Q3 2022: 150-300 users/day; 300-600 TXNs/day

Q4 2022: 300-750 users/day; 600-1500 TXNs/day

Q1 2023: 1000+ users/day; 2000+ TXNs/day

Total funds requested

[ $10,000 ]

About your Team

David Rutkovsky - A PhD graduate from Gdansk University (Poland) with over 10 years of experience. David has a proven successful track record in both Blockchain Industry and AI/IoT sector (since 2014). Previously worked as a Senior Investment Manager at Terminus Technologies, Senior Business Consultant and Business Advisor at Blockchain Global, and a former Senior Full-stack Software Architect. Dawid lives in Poland.

Jakub Princ - University of Southampton (UK) graduate with over 7 years of experience in traditional finance as M&A investment manager for a number of listed companies with focus on the EU market. After entering the blockchain industry in 2019, he has joined several projects related to payment solutions and cryptocurrency trading. Currently based in Prague, Czech republic.

Sasha Stange - Urban planner by profession, Alex was fascinated by the concept of the “experience economy” and entered the tourism and travel industry. Avid cryptocurrency investor since 2015, Alex’s specialized skills and 10-year experience in marketing, branding and consumer behavior allow him to build social media communities, brand awareness and increase customer adoption. Currently based in Berlin, Germany.


2000 transactions/day within a year


Website: https://encentve.io
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Encentive_official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Encentive_io
Medium: https://medium.com/@encentive

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