[Accepted] Friska - A Blockchain for health data to power longevity research, clinical trials and healthy lifestyle

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In order to help people to live longer and healthier lives, we need to be able to monitor how they live and what’s going on inside their body to detect anomalies, prevent further damages and offer tailored treatments (therapeutics, lifestyle recommendation, and more etc.). There’s a need for a secure infrastructure that will enable individuals to securely store and share their health data. A single source of truth that will not only help individuals track the changes within their bodies over time, but also enable researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, pharma and biotech companies to innovate and create better products and services for longevity purposes.

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A decentralized ledger built on the IoTex (machine Fi) to aggregate health data and enable the secure development of scalable health applications.

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Until very recently thanks to wearables, collecting health data was very cumbersome. The only way to gather accurate biomarkers data was to take part in academic or medical studies and be hooked to a bunch of machines for days. Today, we can track different data (sleep pattern, glucose level, heart rates, calories intake and more). Longevity conscious individuals are already looking for ways to aggregate the data and make sense of it for longevity purposes. While the most dedicated users can input data daily in Excel, it still takes expertise to process everything and make sense of it. In the near future, as we build new devices, the average person will have access to more sophisticated and accurate biomarkers data. This explosion of data will change medicine as we know it today, but in order to do so, the data will have to be securely stored and shared across services.

Friska Labs is looking to build a decentralized ledger on the IoTex to securely aggregate health data and enable the secure development of scalable health application.

The founding team is part of the On Deck Longevity Biotech fellowship, made of biohackers, longevity researchers and many biohackers, who are already leveraging wearables to optimize their lifestyle. We also have a growing list of companies, including Opencures, Prenome, Rootine, LifeDNA; that already committed to build on top of Friska since they’ll greatly benefit from securely accessing their user data.

We built a prototype to help our pitch when talking to companies: https://hrv.link/.

For IoTex, a project like Friska strengthen the network effect in the IoTex ecosystem, as every wearables companies will want to integrate. Precision medicine will require smart devices for constant monitoring, and a protocol like Friska to aggregate and enable the use of data, IoTex will help change healthcare.



  • Incorporate
  • Build the brand and website
  • Start building the community through a mailing list and discord server
  • Start building on IoTex
  • Raise money to hire some core developers

Total funds requested

Total money requested: $20 000 USD
We ran the numbers, $20 000 will enable the team (2 people) to work on Friska full-time for 6 months, buying us time to raise seed capital and gain momentum.

About your Team

Piotr Motykiewicz, technical lead, has more than 15 years experience building social apps and has been an early web3 developer, taking part in several web3 wallet open-source projects.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/piotr-motykiewicz-48597519
Twitter: https://twitter.com/piotrmoty

Ned Nadima, community lead, has more than 8 years of B2B SaaS experience as a founder and Head of Growth, having taken part in multiple fundraising rounds, recruiting campaigns and led sales and marketing teams, he brings operational experience to the team. He was also the first community manager of Lendroid, a crypto foundation building lending protocols on the blockchain.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nednadima/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NedNadima


We’re still early to have specific numbers but we can share who will benefit from Friska to give you an idea:

  • Individuals: The growth of MachineFi will make it easy for everybody to store health data on Friska.
  • Healthcare: The entire system will be able to shift from reactive medicine to preventive medicine, drastically reducing cost of care along the way.
  • Research: Clinical trials, research & development and academic research will benefit from having access to the true health history of their subject, potentially unlocking new insights.
  • Unknowns: Accurately predicting the future relies on betting on unknown unknowns. It’s impossible to say what these breakthroughs will be, but it’s almost a certainty that they will happen.


Companies who signed a letter of intent:

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Hi the project and concept looks really good, but as always I look for scalability and mass adoption in a product for long-term success and longevity, would be really great if you could share some insights on the same…



As far as the mass adoption of wearables, as of 2018, 69% of US adults track at least one health metric; however, almost half are still tracking in their heads. That number is set to grow as smart watches and health related mobile applications develops. The Quantified Self movement grew even further during covid, people are tracking more than their heartbeats, but the data still sits in centralized corporate owned database, the level of guidance that can be provided is still very limited. The wearable technology market is set to grow by USD 35.48 bn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 13% during the forecast period, according to Technavio- now is the time for a tool like Friska to exist and help unlock the power of that data.

As far as the mass adoption of Friska, a key component of our go to market strategy is to increase our list of early adopter companies and institutions who would benefit from Friska data infrastructure. This is an ongoing process, as part of the commitment, they also agree to have their logo on our website so you’ll be able to see the process in real-time.

In terms of scalability, notice we’re focusing on the layer that’ll aggregate the data. Adding new data format to the chain will be as simple as integrating new devices to the IoTex, enabling us the protocol to scale with the technology.

Happy to further discuss!


Superb and detailed revert to my queries, shows the level of study, research & preparedness of the team…Best of luck…


Seems like an interesting look at Healthcare.
I am a healthcare professional myself.
I believe projects like these can make a difference.


Thank you everybody for the votes:
You can follow the project on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FriskaLabs
Here’s the website: https://friska-labs.webflow.io/, the website will be hosted on friskalabs.com very soon.


Congratulations on being accepted I hope there is a great dapp for pebble trackers.:grin::grin::grin:

great, can we get an update on this project