[Accepted] Integrate IoTeX into Dexfolio, Live DeFi Tracking Mobile App

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Integrate IoTeX

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Integrate IoTeX into the Dexfolio app so users can conveniently track their IoTeX tokens.

Dexfolio features

  • Cross-Chain. Track Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon addresses. Over 20 more chains to be added in 2022.
  • Multi Address. Combine multiple addresses into a single view.
  • Rich Data. Track the price, quantity, value, change, and purchase cost of all your tokens.
  • Convenient. Dexfolio is a mobile app so you can take your crypto tracking wherever you go.
  • Intuitive Design. The UI and UX have been vigorously tested to be easy to use.
  • Constantly Growing. New features are added weekly based on the top user requests.

Project Vision

We’re embarking on a project that will revolutionize crypto tracking. We currently have support for 3 chains (Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon). We want to integrate several other chains that don’t have proper tracking, including the IoTeX chain.

Besides that, we’re upscaling the app to do more than what regular trackers do. We are adding DeFi and CEX tracking to make Dexfolio an all-in-one tracking solution. Within 6 months we aim to be the only app that can be used to track crypto across the entire web3: On any chain, in any protocol, and on any exchange.

Our long term vision is to make Dexfolio the hub for web3; with a cross-chain wallet, personalized investment recommendations, chats, and much more.


20,000 members large, and growing! We plan to gain users by aggressively adding support for a large number of chains, protocols, and exchanges.

Deployed Networks

Our app already supports Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon neworks.



Other Resources From IoTeX

Marketing is very important for our project and we will need your help, if possible, in the form of social media advertising and or any other form of marketing most suitable from the IoTeX team.

Why We Chose IoTeX

IoTeX is built for speed and is an attractive blockchain for developers to build on, even as work continues to be done to provide infrastructure to power the next generation of blockchain DApps and secure wider crypto adoption. This makes building on IoTeX very exciting for us!


Milestone 1 - Track IoTeX Wallets

  1. Summary of milestone: Users will be able to track the tokens in their IoTeX wallets in the Dexfolio app
  2. Duration: 2 weeks
  3. Funds requested: $8,000
  4. Number of working days: 10


Setup flow:

  1. Users will be able to enter their public IoTeX wallet address to start tracking it in the Dexfolio app

Settings page:

  1. Users will be able to enter and connect up to 10 wallets between all the chains.
  2. Users will be able to remove their connected IoTeX wallet

Portfolio Page:

  1. Users will be able to view fungible tokens from connected IoTeX wallets
  2. Users will be able to hide and unhide IoTeX tokens
  3. If user connected multiple IoTeX wallets, matching tokens across multiple connected wallets will be merged
  4. Users will be able to see the current price, USD value, and qty of each IoTeX token
  5. Users will be able to see the 24hr % price change of each IoTeX token that’s listed on CoinGecko
  6. Users will be able to see the total value of their IoTeX wallet(s)

Token Details Page:

  1. Price chart with the following features:
  2. % change and USD change over the chosen time frame
  3. Users will be able to switch the price chart time frame between 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and all time
  4. Users will be able to long-press on price chart to see the price at that time
  5. The token’s % share of their portfolio
  6. The token’s info: (Description*, Contract address, Supply*)
  7. The token’s price performance* (24hr open, 24hr volume, 24hr high, 24hr low, All-time high, All-time low)

Milestone 2 - Achieve user growth metrics

  1. Summary of milestone: Bring 3,000 to 10,000 users to IoTeX over the span of 10 weeks
  2. Duration: 10 weeks
  3. Funds requested: $1,800
  4. Marketing support requested: App featured in IoTeX newsletter and twitter, AMA on IoTeX’s telegram
  5. Number of working days: n/a


At least 3,000 users between the following two categories:

  1. Users that started using Dexfolio with no IoTeX assets and then have IoTeX assets at the end of 10 weeks
  2. Users that started using Dexfolio with IoTeX assets — but we will only count 20%. (This is in order to include users that found IoTeX through Dexfolio’s marketing before downloading Dexfolio).


  1. Provide metrics showing we reached the above KPIs
  2. Internal marketing campaign to introduce IoTeX to Dexfolio

Total funds/marketing requested

  1. $9,800 USD
  2. Marketing support requested: App featured in IoTeX newsletter and twitter, AMA on IoTeX’s telegram

About your Team

Overall, we have an unstoppable team that works together to continuously deliver. Comprised of experienced Product designers, UX designers, and the best developers with top experience in front and backend development. Together we’re building a DeFi ecosystem — starting with the Dexfolio app — to meet the needs of crypto users globally.

Ben Sash (Founder & CEO) has led the design and development of digital products for over 8 years, working for half a billion dollar Ecommerce brands.


Peter Lionn (COO) expertly manages the day to day operations of the project. Hires and manages team members, leads the social media marketing, and ensures projects stay on schedule.


Gohar Hassan (CMO) loves a challenge! Using his 18 years of solid experience across the digital landscape, related to product design, and growth marketing, Gohar directs every effort at Dexfolio towards growth. Seasoned at developing and implementing marketing strategies, with a unique ability to problem solve.


Yura Vasylshyn (Lead Developer) is skilled in Flutter, Firebase Cloud Functions, NodeJs and TypeScript. With his excellent communication and organizational skills, he’s spent over 5 years building best-in-class mobile apps and leading development teams.


Bohdan Serefaniuk (Senior Backend Developer) has over 7 years of experience building front-end and back-end applications; including cloud-based solutions using AWS & Google Cloud Services.


Misha Shkaferak (Frontend Developer) has over 3 year experience developing the front-end for Flutter applications, and is responsible for all the layouts in the Dexfolio app.


Mehmet Sarioglu (Frontend Developer and API Researcher) specializes in API research and front-end development. He has 3+ years experience with Flutter, c++, and c#.

Saurabh Upadhyay (QA Analyst) has over 3 years experience as a Quality Assurance analyst and javascript developer in financial domain projects. He ensures our updates and products ship bug free!


Faraz Aziz (Lead UX/UI Designer) specializes in web and app design. With more than 4 years of experience under his belt, Faraz ensures the designs have optimal UX.



We expect to bring 3,000 to 10,000 users to IoTeX over the span of 3 months


Website: https://dexfolio.org
App (Andriod): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dexfolio.app&gl=GB
App (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/pl/app/dexfolio/id1572841457
Twitter: x.com

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Milestone Report: #1
Invoice has been filled out correctly for this milestone.
Deliverable Name : Track IoTeX Wallets
Proof :

  • Here’s a demo video:
  • To try it out for yourself, download Dexfolio on iOS or Android and proceed with the demo wallet or any wallet that has IoTeX assets

Note : Users are now able to track the tokens in their IoTeX wallets in the Dexfolio app
Payment tx :IoTeXScan Transaction Hash | IoTeXScan


Hard working devs. Constantly pushing for improvements.


This projects looks solid :+1:

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Pretty cool. Can you tie “We expect to bring 3,000 to 10,000 users to IoTeX over the span of 3 months” to a milestone (maybe milestone2)? @bendexfolio

That’s a good suggestion! How would we accurately track the progress on the milestone? @raullen

@raullen checking in if you had any thoughts on the above!

I was thinking we can monitor how many users have assets on iotex at the end of the designated period.

We can also monitor how many users started using dexfolio with no iotex assets and then have iotex assets at the end of the designated period, however this will exclude users that found iotex through dexfolio’s marketing and then downloaded dexfolio after joining the iotex ecosystem.

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I support this project being able to partner with IoTeX this is a big and very interesting collaboration :handshake:

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@zimne @raullen what’s next steps? We’re asking for a relatively low grant amount compared to the other proposals and our timeline is pretty fast. Would be great if we can get some feedback or move to the next step!


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Congratulations! Looking forward to the launch!

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Thanks Raullen! We’re looking forward to building on IoTeX!

I really like this app. Could you please add also DEFI balances and NFTs?

And maybe you can show suspicious tokens with a red flag, so that we can hide them without googling.

By the way I already bought some some $DEXF and staked my LP. It would be good to see $DEXF on IoTeX chain.

Another suggestion of me; you may give +APY% for app users who connect their wallet to the app.

Thank you for your efforts, I wish you luck!

Thank you for your feedback! Yes DEFI balances, NFTs, and better scam detection are in the works!

+APY% for app users who connect their wallet to the app

This is an interesting suggestion. The team will look into it!

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We’ve completed milestone 1 and updated the post with the details! Excited to start working on milestone 2 and increasing IoTeX adoption!

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Payment received! Looking forward to the AMA and building IoTeX adoption~

Good job, thanks! I’m still interested in defi app development. Decentralized finance has become a real buzzword today.