[Accepted]Integration of IoTeX mainnet and USDT on IoTeX mainnet into Arctic Wallet

Proposal details

Integrate IoTeX Mainnet for IOTX and USDT in Arctic Wallets. Arctic Wallet has 180+ assets available, 80+ assets on exchange.

Platforms live: Windows, MacOs, Linux versions. Mobile Version is about to launch soon.

Launch Date: August 2022

Project Type


Proposal Description

We will integrate IOTEX main net so users can store (send and receive) IOTX and USDT on IOTEX chain.


• Milestone 1:

• Duration (weeks): 1 week

• Deliverables: main net integration for USDT and IOTX

• Funds request (USD): 1500 USDT

Total funds requested

1,500 USDT

• We commit to open source the project: [ NOT OPEN SOURCED ]

• We commit to stake [ AMOUNT ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [ NO ]

• We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: [ NO ]

About your Team

Over the years, the Arctic team members have come a long way from simple crypto-enthusiasts who believed in the emerging market to professional blockchain experts. Our team spent a lot of time studying the best practices and supplementing it with interesting ideas to create the Arctic Wallet.

:crossed_swords: Reliability, privacy and continuous feedback are the basis of the entire project and our main values. Arctic modular architecture results in stability. All data is strongly encrypted and stored locally on your device. We combine the convenience and versatility of the desktop app with the reliability of cold wallets.

:lock: Privacy is the most important attribute of a financial service, as well as of our philosophy. With the Arctic you don’t need to have any doubts about the privacy of your keys. They are only with you, and no one else.

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