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Iotex Monster go is a game that combines real data(iotex pebble ) to capture and cultivate monster fighting . Our ultimate goal is to build a monster Metaverse that links reality

Our team now has five people, one game planner, one back-end developer, one animation designer, one contract developer and one front-end developer


Milestone 1: official version in March 2022, beta version in late February

Duration: 3 months

Complete the launch of the first version of the game, including

1 reality map fights wild monsters and obtains mtgo and monster eggs,

2 Monster egg hatching

3 monster synthesis and evolution

  1. Animated display of battle pictures, etc

Fund application (USDT): 20000 USDT

We are confident to attract more than 2000 users after the official game goes online.
Attract more users through the game invitation system, combined with official game launch activities and community promotion

Milestone 2: Second Edition of the game

Duration: 3 months

The second edition of the online game includes

  1. Skill system

  2. Equipment system

  3. Boss system

Fund application (USDT): 20000 USDT

After the game V2 version is launched, more than 5000 users can be accumulated

Milestone 3: Monster Metaverse

Duration: TBD

This will be a long-term process. The goal is there. Let’s move forward

Fund application (USDT):

Total funds requested

40000 USDT

About your Team

one game planner santos
one back-end developer karl
one animation designer xiaoyu
one contract developer qianbi
one front-end developer ranming


This game will bring a large number of new users and active old users to iotex. The specific number is difficult to evaluate now.



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Deliverable Name : Official Game
Proof : https://www.iotexmonstergo.top/
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I consider your project as a family man with children, it’s a great idea to use pebbel traker so that children spend more time outdoors to search for monsters, and with the help of iotex, pebbel trakera and your project to learn the basics of blockchain, because in my opinion it is the future. Good luck in promoting the project. Thanks


Your idea is very good. Children are the future. It is very meaningful to make them interested in blockchain


Update some animations to improve the mood of the bear market![:bear:])


Big fan of this game. @bcigame pls change to use USDT as the unit of fund.


Thank you very much for your feedback. We changed the unit of the fund.

Happy Chinese New Year. We wish iotex better and better :money_mouth_face:

And we will release the game promo on twitter on January 31, 2022 :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


Iotex monster go first edition game Promo


@bcigame can you DM me your contact info? The team would like to have a call with you to discuss the proposal/launch details.


Our beta version has been deployed in iotex testnet If you are interested, you can try it

English manual Iotex Monster Go Introductory manual
中文手册 Iotex Monster Go 入门手册


I like the game very much!. If there will be a rank player system and rewarded according to it that would be great!

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After testing the beta version of the game I can say that this project is worth it. the game system forces you to consume many tokens making it difficult and you need game time and dedication to consider it profitable. Now it is a beta phase but I am sure that over time it will have a much more improved aesthetic and renewed graphics making it more attractive and playable


Today I was testing the game once again. There are noticeable progress on game development. Iotexmonstergo is becoming better day by day! The team is putting in a lot of effort to make it better. I enjoyed my play time really too much. Furthermore tokenomics seems well balanced. So I do not expect early players will become whales of the game and get all the benefits by earning the newcomers investments.

I recomend IoTeXers to attend beta test game and have this amazing gaming experience on our blockchain.

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Congrats on being accepted by Halo, and looking forward to the launch!


Thank you very much. Our game will be better and better. and hope more users will join the family of iotex


congratulations guys on receiving the grant, you have created a great project, separately I would like to highlight an excellent responsive team🎉