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New Dapp (DeFI sector) native to XRC20 - Built on iotex chain i

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Iotexpad is the first native launchpad built on the Iotex network servicing the iotex ecosystem. The methodology is to give the opportunity to the iotex community to participate, engage and contribute to projects launching on the iotex native launchpad.
Iotexpad connects the investors with the projects.

For the community :

The community will be given the opportunity to participate in private and public deal flows provided by iotexpad via staking and fulfilling the required amount.
Furthermore, the community will also engage directly with the iotexpad team to give their vote and opinion on projects launching on iotexpad in an attempt to ensure the best projects fit to launch on our platform is found suitable as we follow to make iotexpad a dao system.
The support from the community has been immense and stealthy and we will continue to ensure our community is top priority.

Moreover, iotexpad will have a mirror token on BSC to be Du compatible and thus liquidity will be provided on both mimo and pancake. The iotexpad team will create a bridge so that tex-bsc can be migrated tex-iotex. However in terms of staking we ensured a way to bring those who are holding our token on the bsc network to iotex. Only if you hold tex-iotex you will be able to stake, earn rewards, and participate in our token launches. Thus anyone holding our token on bsc will need to bridge over to the iotex network via one click on our platform. This is in order to trap liquidity and bootstrap it over to iotex chain.

To Projects/Developers:

Iotexpad is not just a launchpad, but also an incubator. Iotexpad offers exclusive access to over 100 KOLs, developers, marketers to projects incubating with iotexpad.
This is done so that we could dedicate and give our full resources to the projects that choose to incubate with us. Inclusive would be high tiered VC introductions. OUR incubation program ensures that your project is nurtured during development, pre-IDO, IDO, and Post-IDO phases.


Seed and private sale have been filled with an over 400% subscription rate.

CO-leading VCs : Au21 and X21 Capital

  • Milestone 1:
    • Duration (weeks): 2 week
    • Deliverables: Launchpad release to the public. Included in the launchpad was APIs drawn and obtained to identify the stakers, holders in our token. Part of the ecosystem of iotexpad is a dual mirror token on bsc however merged via the bridge. The bridge Contract connects from and to bsc-iotx for our token as well as to be inclusive of all other tokens launching with us. Our staking contracts all deployed on iotex will be specific to iotex. Audits for all contracts is needed to ensure security. Ui/ix upgrade checkpoints on staking page and pools page. Staking page highlights on api indexing for relevant features. Addition of wallet connectivity to support and integrate iopay, metmask and wallet connect.
      Funds Request: No funds are requested

Milestone 2 :
Duration: 4 weeks
Deliverables:Integration of charting platform onto our launchpad statistics via APIs and SDK
Onboarding 3 projects and Incubation - predominantly charting, marketplace and meta platforms.
Funds Request: No funds are requested

Milestone 3:
Duration: 3 weeks
Deliverables: IDO launch of tex token early December projected for the 10th with a marketing push on bsc and iotex - including dual liquidity. The aim is to attract over 10k holders on the iotex network with over 10 MCap.
Funds Request: No funds are requested

Total funds requested

We are only requesting marketing support from iotex, not funds.

About your Team



We could see our project gather over 10,000-30,000 holders before the end of the year, with 90% staked. What this also means for ioted is that it will increase the TVL - Total Value locked as we will offer staking rewards for the holders as well as participation in projects launching with us ( we have already projects ready to launch).

The way our launchpad is designed will also bring users from bsc to iotex via our bridge.


Website: https://iotexpad.network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IoTexPad

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @iotexpad

Telegram Announcement: Telegram: Contact @iotexpadANN

Medium: https://iotexpad.medium.com/

As seen on Mashable:

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We need that for future

The community has spoken hehe

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WAGMI!Good luck with the development!

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Very good project . :star_struck:

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This is one of best upcoming project

Very good project :clap::clap::clap::clap:

I like most dual chain opportunity to buy TEX. it will surely pull some liquidity from BSC to IoTeX. i wish iotexPAD good luck.

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Can’t Wait :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: Some Budy Help This Project

Thanks for giving me such a great chance to experience your project!

Active and good community. healthy project. It’s an honor to be part of this project.

God bless you all :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone here can answer this question I have.

Does erc-20 iotex (Coinbase iotex) represent the native iotex as far as price goes?

For example, if iotex starts going up in price does the erc-20 version go up as well? Because I know they’re totally different prices.

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For continuous development, IoTeX needs Launchpad!

I hope the team gev a guaranteed assignment to those who voted
And close the vote in 24 hours
I hope they do so as a lesson to those who have never voted
The community has about 12,000 members and those who voted are 119
This shows that their concern is to buy the token only and make profits and then disappear
The work team must implement the proposal you put forward
Whoever votes first buys first
This is how you will see everyone vote
You have to place the votes in order of seniority in the sale

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Yes and is the trend now

Hi everyone,

I want to give my opinion on why I wouldn’t grant this project.

As most of you, I’m very excited with IoTeXPad, but at the same time wanted to make you reflect on an important point.

Without considering this Halo grant:

Most of the IoTeX community will want to participate in this launchpad as there will be Pebble projects involved and more. However, the presale is only for holders of MNST, the incubator that is incubating this incubator. This way most of the IoTeX community will miss the opportunity of investing early into a project they will invest in a matter of weeks. This is not helping IoTeX community.

My point would be: make AT LEAST an identical presale on IoTeX for the IoTeX community or using IOTX in any other network. But please, read until the end, asking for just this would be ridiculous.

You know as well as I do how much interest there is in IoTeXPad and how much the IoTeX community would invest (just see the MachineFi NFT sale). This launchpad will incubate Pebble GO ($PBG), mimo ($MIMO governance token) and HealthBlocks ($HEALTH). And everyone will want to join these presales, but for that is needed the IoTeXPad token.

What happens if there is only a presale with MNST token?

  • IoTeX community buys the same token at a multiplied price and the MNST community profits from the IoTeX community.

Without changing anything:

  • Who won’t be part of that presale: IoTeX holders.

  • Who will end buying the same tokens but will multiplied price to participate in PebbleGo, Mimo and HealthBlocks presales: IoTeX holders.

Considering this Halo grant:

With this grant the IoTeX foundation would give 110k$. That means IoTeX will help it succeed.

Who will profit more from this? Without doubt: the ones who participated in the presales and the team/advisors/partners.

But more importantly, check the token %s of the total 100M tokens. What are your thoughts? For me they are alarming!

6% Seed and 16% Strategic rounds:

They have an ok price. However, they are for some reason enormous, realize that they have needed 420k$ and 1360k$ at their respective prices for just starting this project. That’s a total of 1.78M$ raised for a project about making a smart contract for each token listed and marketing them.

2% Public sale:

The number of tokens is way too low. It is just 200k$ at the 0.1$ price.

20% Marketing & Partnerships:

To me it is too high, my guess is most of it will go to MNST. Change my opinion that it is not the price to be incubated.

20% Team:

Again, for me, it is high enough to don’t need a grant. If you think that they need initial liquidity reread that they have raised 420k$ + 1.360k$ = 1.78M$. With the public sale as stated it would be 1.98M$. They don’t need more initial liquidity.

5% Advisors:

Typical one, but it is more than x2 the size of the public sale.

6% Liquidity & Pools:

Maybe too little, it depends on how many they plan to implement. It could be ok.

10% Reserve:

They have already raised 1.78M$, and will have 1.98M$, but maybe they need an extra 10% of the total supply for the long term, understandable.

15% Staking:

It depends on their strategy. It could be ok.

Further thoughts

Paying 110k$ for the marketing effect could be worth it, but notice it is about the same it costed the CMC campaign in August. Of course it will definitely give a boost to IoTeX ecosystem, making people join to acess these tokens. But I would have preferred though having mimo, pbg and health not depending on this. In my mind it would have been better a crowdloan in IoTeX with lots of marketing.

EDIT: also there is another huge point, WHO are the founders of IoTeXPad? In my mind they are probably part of the MNST team and that’s why most of the private and strategic rounds will be invested by them (they will also receive that 20% of Marketing & Partnerships as well). But this is just speculation. I can’t not know what is being done in the shadows, it is just my money logic. I would appreciate your opinions.

Thank you for reading.

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  • No

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Hello Alvaro,

Thank you for a detailed response however your information is highly inaccurate.

  1. We are NOT holding our IDO on moonstarter. We have given an extremely small allocation for them to hold for their community for a private sale. This is as per agreement on our collaboration.

  2. We are holding the IDO on our platform. Therefore the IoTex Community is the one benefiting. We have the iotex communities best interest.

  3. Our Metrics were highly articulated by our advisors and reformulated in such a manner for sustainability. Our tokenomics strategist is reputable in ensuring sustainable metrics suited for iotexpad.

  4. Our Raise is rather small compared to other competitive launchpads (who have raised well over $3 million ). We are almost half of that and as such asking for a small grants to help with the suggested key notes.

  5. We are NOT affiliated with moonstarter except on the bases of collaboration. Therefore we are NOT part of the moonstarter team nor take part in any of their affairs or matters.

  6. We are NOT providing Moonstarter with any free tokens.

  7. Regarding the Reserve - the reserve has a 1 year lock and its purpose is to ensure longer term sustainability to provide down the road for staking, or marketing. However it is only to be tapped into if needed after one year.

  8. Regarding public sale % : we found that this is the ideal figure we require for the public sale raise to ensure a reduction in circulating supply. We therefore allocated a bigger amount to strategic partners who would add marketing assets, deal flow, tap into partnerships and access to KOLS at the expense of an investment in order to boost the iotexpad ecosystem. We have selected some of the best vcs to give the community the best experience.

We hope to answer any of your future concerns you may have but I hope this answers the points above.

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Hello, and thank you for answering so quickly!

  1. I don’t know if your concept of “Initial DEX Offering” is different from mine, but for me it is an IDO. You swap MNST for your project token ($TEX). Other thing is that it is small, thing that I agree and I find it okay as it helps with marketing.

  2. Yeah, I know. The idea is to all benefit from the launch of projects on IoTeX. But I think I there is something I don’t understand, check point 4.

  3. I don’t know your tokenomics strategist because you are all anonymous. You can’t talk about reputation of an anonymous person. I could be Elon Musk by that logic.

  4. This is the part I was talking about. Okay, so you need even more financing, and you say you will make your IDO on IoTeX, also I have read in your group that you plan to do it on IoTeX on December. However I don’t see the IoTeX IDO in the token distribution percentages, in which category would it be? Is it part of the strategic round? I just don’t see it, please point it to me. This is what made me post my opinion.

  5. Great, but being anonymous I would have to just trust, I can’t verify anthing. It is the double edge sword. You could verify your identities at some point with IoTeX or another trusted company.

  6. Sure, nothing is free, I haven’t said that. They will “assist IoTeXPad with strategic development by sharing its expertise on launchpad aspect”, and that could mean part of the 20% of marketing & partnerships.

  7. Great, however many would prefer the seed or private sale tokens to be locked for some time. That’s what many projects do to protect their users. Just 2-3 months of lock would make an impressive difference.

  8. As I said, what I mind is the 4th point. I like you having liquidity, you can’t do anything without it. And it is better as you say, I know contacts will be useful. I don’t mind having you 1.98$M of liquidity from seed+private+public in MNST if there will also be a good % allocated to IoTeX holders. But, as I don’t see it in the distribution, I have to supose it doesn’t exist. Or if it exist, the % are a lie? I need to see the pieces of the puzzle to make it.

Extra 1: why is the % of the team so high?
Extra 2: what will be done with the 110k$ if there will be an IDO in IoTeX? With the money of the IDO + the 1.98M$ shouldn’t there be enough? Will they go to the team? Hasn’t the team enough with a 20% of the total supply?

Thank you! I appreciate your response because I’m interested in your project (even if I might not look like it, sorry).


We have the future. :blush:

Hi Alvaro!

Thank you for your comment. We appreciate all the feedback.

Alvaro, are you in our Telegram community chat (Telegram: Contact @iotexpad)? We’d love for you to attend and speak with our core team regarding the concerns you may have.

  • Initial Decentralized Offering = IDO (Which is, in essence, an offering that occurs prior to the listing, permeated on a decentralized platform (i.e: IoTeXpad). The offering that has been inscribed for the Moonstarter community is to do with a strategic collaboration we’ve birthed. The allocation for the MNST community is a mere $35K. This partnership is in the best interest of IoTeX and it’s expansion as it brings much needed exposure. To sum it up, $35K - MNST | $200K IDO.

  • Our reputation supersedes the notion you’ve presented here, which is imperatively corrosive and shunning. We’re backed by top VC firms and institutions (Some early investors in IoTeX itself) - Full list released soon :slight_smile: We’ve established partnerships with industry leaders that are assisting us in procuring our credibility and network. You can’t be ‘Elon Musk’ if you’re anonymous, of course, you can claim it, however, that would once again be misleading. We haven’t claimed to be anyone in particular, rather we’d much rather prefer to stay out of the limelight. We have our reasons. I suppose it would be best to assert a probable judgement of our ‘reputation’ through the backing we’ve received. Lastly, half of our team is public. You can check them out on our LinkedIn page.

  • Our IDO is not on IoTeX. It’s on IoTeXpad and on the IoTeX network (XRC-20). Our platform. Once again, I believe it’s important that we clarify that IDO = Public Sale. The 2% you’ve been insinuating are the IDO tokens & allocation. Yes, our launch will be in December on our platform.

  • No, it’s not a ‘Double-Edged Sword’, quite appalled by that statement. We’ll be posting our Cap Table in the coming days and an article will be released in regards to partnerships we’ve established. There is a lot of information that is confidential but will be released in due time.

  • We haven’t made any public comment on whether or not MNST receives a sum within the ‘Marketing & Partners’ tokens. You’re speculating.

  • Once again, speculation. ‘Many would prefer the seed or private sale tokens to be locked for some time.’ This is an inaccurate statement that we will condemn. All our decisions have been taken with the utmost caution, we’ve consulted our advisors, partners, and investors to ensure the best. The community has always been at the forefront of these decision making processes.

  • IDO = Public Sale (2%). You do see it in the distribution, however, you’ve come to apprehend our practices and decisions rather than approaching us in our telegram community where we would have alleviated such nuances.

  • The team tokens are 20%, an industry average. We’ve conformed with the norm.

  • Regarding the utility of the funds/grant, please refer to the post. We’ve made it quite clear.

Touching back on some of your earlier points on launching ‘PebbleGo’ ‘HealthBlocks’ & ‘Mimo Governance Token’. We’d be honored. However, we’ve not been granted such an opportunity thus far. Let’s change that. Join our community and get the word out there! Let the IoTeX team know that we’re striving to fulfill the potential of IoTeX.

Thank you, Alvaro :slight_smile: Let us know if we can answer any further questions you may have.


Thank you for your comment! We do appreciate all the support. Stay tuned. We have some incredible announcements in the pipeline :slight_smile: We don’t disappoint.