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Decentralized Growth Hacking platform

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Project Name: KYTE.ONE (https://www.kyte.one/ )

Product Name: AirLyft (https://www.airlyft.one/)


In the current blockchain world, the growth activities for crypto startups are a bot-fest & this ultimately causes huge losses to startups & the community alike. Events like airdrops are raided by bots and there is an unfair distribution of prizes that ultimately diminishes all interest of participants in these giveaways. In addition to this, there is currently no option for rewarding users on dynamic activities that are being performed by the users on the organization’s website, causing lesser and lesser conversions, and hence most of the users liquidate their tokens. In short, there is currently no easy option for achieving dynamic engagement via marketing methodologies and having legit participation in the blockchain world.



This is the problem we are trying to solve with our flagship product, AirLyft which aims to provide a one-stop solution for all the growth hacking needs of a crypto startup where each organization can create an event and let AirLyft do the maximum for them. It will be a platform where startups can

  • Organize and Run customized events on social channels & their own apps.
  • Distribute Rewards on-chain.
  • Boost Project instantaneously.
  • Organize infinite Giveaways, Quizzes, and Competitions .
  • Smart Contract Integration to check for users’ activities on your DApp and reward accordingly.
  • Generate UGC through a content creation module .
  • Protect their giveaways from spam and bots using AirLyft’s own bot checker Traffy .
  • Create multiple on-chain Reward Pools for guaranteed distributions.
  • Explore the website to search for new projects and events.
  • Host AMAs and streamline the process on a single page using smart data filtration .
  • Remove switching between platforms with our social channel integrations.
  • Create Email funnels, User Retention Funnel, Marketing Funnel for more conversions.
  • AI-based content curation module for spam and vulgar check.
  • Get IN-DEPTH Analytics for understanding the project better.

By the time an event is completed, our apps will help projects get dynamic engagement from your community (totally BOT FREE) & reward them in KTE or their own native tokens. Be it Airdrops, Giveaways, Quizzes, Competitions - AirLyft provides a seamless experience. We are certain that this unified growth hacking platform is going to change the face of how marketing events are currently organized in the blockchain world.


Product Viability

AirLyft will be one of a kind product that ensures “ Growth on Autopilot ” for organizations. We will be fully equipped with all the innovative features users will be looking out for that can make their marketing tasks much easier and with a lot more convenience. AirLyft can become a marketing leader and we are working day and night to achieve the same. Web3.0 organizations have still been using centralized marketing platforms but it doesn’t cater to the need of the blockchain world. People tend to believe in projects that grow at a good pace and there comes our platform AirLyft that can help them achieve this with legit participation.

Another thing that proves the validity is that, who doesn’t need marketing??? … Be it a crypto startup that is well established in an ecosystem to a startup that has now just entered the blockchain world, all platforms need to market their product and we are providing them with a unified growth hacking platform to do so. If we go ahead and search on Twitter with #airdrop, we can see there would be a minimum of 1000 tweets in a single hour . It is very evident that be it any ecosystem, the number of Defi projects, GameFi projects, Launchpads, NFT projects, marketplaces, are increasing and our platform will be the best fit for each of these projects, irrespective of the platform they are launched in. We want these organizations to earn community members in a decentralized way and we are helping them in the process using AirLyft.

Looking at a broader view, there are multiple issues with this and to be frank, there is no single solution to easily organize campaigns where startups can ask users to perform certain actions on their organization’s manner applications and reward users for these actions directly on-chain in crypto or NFTs . This is where we come in and provide a platform to the community that would be a one-stop platform for all their marketing requirements.

At this point, we strongly believe there is a need for dynamic engagement and organizations need to move from centralized marketing to a more decentralized way of marketing which is the essence of blockchain. Using this, organizations will no longer have to manually type in and send the rewards . Our platform based on the winning parameters will recognize and distribute these rewards on-chain. It is also to be noted that fake projects who promise of doing a giveaway but don’t distribute rewards are also taken care of by a token locking mechanism. All in all, AirLyft will be well equipped to cover all the utilities of blockchain marketing, and that ultimately fits its way into the current market.

Token Utility

The KTE Token is at the core of all products built by Kyte.

The KTE Token will be required to subscribe to AirLyft. Subscribers can choose to either hold KTE to access AirLyft’s services or borrow its utility from existing holders.

There are four different stakeholders in the ecosystem with different needs.

  1. Projects paying to user AirLyft: These are the ‘subscribers’ of AirLyft that would be paying a subscription fee to use the services of the platform. These kinds of users want stability and predictability in the price of their subscription. If we charge, say 100KTE per month for using AirLyft, their subscription charges will vary every month & they will not be able to predict the right amount of reserves required for a years worth of subscription.
  2. The community , which has users performing the rewards, will not want to hold $1000 worth of KTE to win $10 worth of rewards someday. These are the users doing tasks, also asking them to hold a huge amount of KTE tokens can be a big mistake in terms of the utility & demand for the token, and might also reduce the demand for the platform. They should be allowed to use the platform for free , at least till a certain extent.
  3. Finally, the token holders want growth and some passive rewards where they get rewarding for holding the token & providing value to the project & company, without doing active tasks every day.

The Kyte Ecosystem will have four tokens, and they create a truly circular economy without restricting the access to the platform in any way.

1. KTE Token

This is the main token for the ecosystem that can be spend, traded on DEX/CEXs.

2. Utility Token (uKTE) — ERC20

The uKTE is a transferrable, fungible token that represents the proof of hold.

  1. uKTE is required to access the features of the platform
  2. uKTE cannot be spent, they can only be used within the Kyte ecosystem.

There are three ways a user can get uKTE Tokens

Borrow: uKTE can be borrowed by a user from the lease pool. In this case, these tokens are expirable.

Swap: When swapped from KTE, users get an equivalent amount of uKTE that do not expire & can be swapped back.

Transfer: uKTE can be transferred from one account to another (gifted).

3. Tenancy Token (tToken) — ERC721

These tokens are minted to the initiator of the borrower payment, they hold the lease expiration time along with other details.

4. Liquidity Provider Token (lpToken) — ERC721

This token is minted to the liquidity provider (HODLers) as proof of liquidity, they can use this token to re-claim the staked KTE from the liquidity pool. While they hold this token, they also keep getting a revenue share from the borrowed uKTE.

When users pay a subscription in fiat, the following happens:

  1. The lease pool generates a tenancy agreement represented by the tKTE (ERC721) token that has the time frame & other details of the lease.
  2. Our engine mints uKTE from the lease pool on the behalf of the user.
  3. A corresponding amount of KTE tokens get locked in the lease pool — these remain locked till the uKTE tokens don’t expire
  4. The user subscribes to the platform services
  5. When the uKTE expires, the subscription ends & the uKTE token is burnt. At this moment the KTE tokens get unlocked in the lease pool.
  6. The price is calculated based on a bonding curve.




Quarter 4 of 2021 (Completed)

  • Published the Landing page for AirLyft at https://www.airlyft.one/
  • Released our AirLyft Litepaper for the community.
  • Designed the architecture for AirLyft and laid out the foundational structure.
  • Started with our development on AirLyft Beta Application.

Quarter 1 of 2022 (Completed)

  • Go Live with our working prototype of AirLyft Beta Launch. (Completed)
  • Implementing the ERC20 Giveaway module. (Completed)
  • Integrate AirLyft with social channels such as Twitter and Telegram. (Completed)
  • Develop embeddable widgets for installing AirLyft onto your website.
  • Launching Kyte’s official KTE tokens.
  • Creating decentralized tasks for providing liquidity, staking on platforms such as Pangolin, PeFi, TraderJoe or similar.
  • Various integrations and collaborations with other DeFi applications.

Quarter 2 of 2022

  • Quiz App Development
  • Implementing the thoroughly tested Learn & Earn module using Smart Contract Integration
  • Integrating other social channels with AirLyft.
  • Introducing Referral Module to AirLyft platform.
  • Create multiple dashboards and launch KOL pools.
  • Implement the AMA Curation module which will be ready to use.
  • Implementing the content creation module for our community.
  • Integrate the In-Depth Analytics module into AirLyft.

Quarter 3 of 2022

  • Implementing AI-Based Spam detection security for the available modules.
  • Implementing User Retention Funnels.
  • Implementing various Marketing Funnels.
  • Implementing the Email Funnels.
  • Implement in-depth analytics for these funnels.
  • Implementing the modules for VCs & Launchpads.

Total funds requested

13000 USD

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  • We commit to open source the project: [ YES ]

  • We commit to stake [ PERCENTAGE ] IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [ NO ]

  • We commit to donate [ PERCENTAGE ] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: [ N/A ]

About your Team


Surya Singh is the Co-Founder of Kyte.One and also holds the position of CTO at Kyte.One. With a master’s in data science from an elite institution, he has over 10+ years of experience in the development world, designing architecture, and is very technically sound. He was also the Founder of canUmeet which is a revenue-generating appointment scheduling platform.

Rachit Magon is also the Co-Founder at Kyte.One and has over 8 years of development experience where he has worked with scaling different products. An awesome full stack developer and was the founder of Smooper prior to starting Kyte.One!

Chandra Bhushan Singh is the Co-Founder at Kyte.One and heads the product, operations, and investor relations end at Kyte.One. Has experience of 7 years in the corporate industry and moved from development to product management. He was also the co-founder of canUmeet which is a revenue-generating appointment scheduling platform.

Muiz Nadeem is a very calm and composed engineer who loves breaking down complex problems into simpler sub-problems. He is another full stack developer at Kyte.One and is fully involved in the development of backend and Kyte smart contracts as well.

Neha Alreja is another full stack developer who along with the development has an extensive knowledge of partnerships and marketing. She is another core member at Kyte.One and is handling the development and marketing end of Kyte.One! She was the founder of an ed-tech startup called TheSparkClub.

Aslam Shah is the UI Expert at Kyte.One and has more than ten years of experience in application and full-stack development. He is an avid open source contributor and has also published a book on bulma.io! He was also founder of codedmails where anyone can come in and download responsive website templates.

Sultan Omar Salim is our Head of Marketing at Kyte.One and holds over 10 years of experience in the marketing field. He holds a master in marketing loves making networks across the place. Having worked at RedBull and Simba Craft Beer, learning all aspects of working with a global brand and laying the foundation blueprint of a startup brand from scratch, he has really enjoyed my journey in this industry and now looking forward to replicating the same enthusiasm at Kyte.


KPIs for Success

  • Number of Project Collaborations
  • Number of hosted events
  • Number of event participations
  • Total Rewards Distributed

We did a couple of events last week which is from Onston Network and Avax Husky and a Puzzle Mania Contest where with an entirely bot-free environment, Onston received an overwhelming response of 6700 participants for their metaverse alliance giveaways and Avax Husky received more than 250 participations for their merchandise giveaway. The feedback has been excellent and has more events upcoming this week. We have a few more scheduled now for the coming week.

Product Prototype

Login Page:


Event Templates






Partnership & Collaborations

  • From project partnership point of view, we have partnered with more than 35 projects in the last 1 month which are Pangolin Finance, Heroes of NFT, YAY Games, Lydia Finance, SnowCone DAO, Smashheroes NFT, MetaXeno, Hatchy Pocket, Crypto Seals, Husky Avax, Unfettered, SnowBall DeFi, Avata Network, Lost Worlds NFT, Onston network, Mobipad, Deliq Finance, Elk Finance, Forward Protocol, Dragon Crypto Gaming, YUSER, Pandora Finance, Evolution Land, Wizzare, OIG, Zecrey Protocol and many others. Along with that there are multiple other projects which are in pipeline and is still being worked on.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyteone

Official Telegram Channel: Telegram: Contact @kyteone

AirLyft Website: https://www.airlyft.one/

Kyte Website: https://www.kyte.one/

AirLyft Litepaper: AirLyft by Kyte.One Litepaper - Build, scale & engage communities - Google Slides

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Milestone Report: #1

Deployment of products pool contracts on IOTEX Blockchain along with setting up entire infrastructure.

Note : At least 2 iotex projects launch on Kyte. At least 100 users participate
Funds Requested: 3000USD

Milestone Report: #2
Thorough testing of the application on the IOTEX chain post-deployment of Mainnet by the Kyte.
NOTE: Business Development Across IOTEX community that includes partnership, reach, and referral connections. At least 5 iotex projects launch on Kyte and at least 1000 users participate

Funds Requested:5000USD

Milestone #3

Educating the community about IOTEX using Smart AirLyft Events such as Smart Contract Integrations, Blockchain integrations, Learn To Earn Events, Interviews, Quiz Based learning, and more.

Note: At least 20 iotex projects launch on Kyte and at least 5000 users participate
Funds Requested: 5000USD

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  1. Milestone needs to mention the development plan on the ioTex blockchain and some marketing plans with ioTex, as well as the grant amount you hope to get for each milestone

  2. We can communicate on Telegram, will DM you about the contact information


Hello. Thanks a lot for responding Grizzily. Please feel free to DM on @Chandra_Bhushan2

The project looks promising but I still did not understand how will it benefit the users (no projects) ?

Hey thanks for the question… The users or the participants as we must say in this particular context of using AirLyft is one of the pillars and personas of our product. If I am to put it in a point wise benefits of how the users will be benefited,

  • First and the foremost important corner case to handle was that users don’t have to compete with the bots. Our platform has technically ensured that legit participants are only allowed to complete tasks in any campaign being hosted. We have a certificate authority module coded in our smart contracts which generates and issues certificate to users who are participating and it is technically impossible for bots to get this certificate. Best part is with no certificate, one can’t interact with our smart contract… So the entire campaign is bot-filtered.

  • AirLyft is a unified platform where users can complete all the tasks in a single page and don’t have to switch between platforms to complete a task.

  • The validation and verification for users performing a task is done at the platform itself, increasing their chances of winning.

  • We have a concept of on-chain reward locking mechanism where startups locks the reward. Hence if a user wins, they can claim these locked rewards and funds will automatically be transferred to users wallet with which they have participated.

  • Users will no longer have to keep reaching out to projects moderators and core team asking “Where is my rewards” and other things and all these things are automated at AirLyft.

  • Using AirLyft, users can benefit heavily from our No Code Smart Contract Integration module where they will be empowered to learn about the product and then earn in real sense. Hence the learning curve is exponential.

These are some of the most important factors on how users are benefited with our AirLyft platform.

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How airlyft will prevent existing bot infestation problem in current crypto space, which no one is talking about but It is a huge problem for almost every single project?

Airlyft is at it’s initial stage so what is the team currently focusing at to accomplish in near future?

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Very true… At this point in time, no one is talking about the bot infestation problem in the current crypto space and has rather kind of accepted this fact with every campaign they run. Speaking of that, we have a technical backed study on how we are handling the bot infestation cases. To start with, we are having a CA or certificate authority module enabled in our smart contract integration plan. Only if a participant has a certificate generated from this certificate authority module, they can interact with our smart contract to claim and earn rewards. In simpler sense, users or participants needs to connect their wallets either say Metamask or Zecrey or enter address manually to participate. During the claim, they need to sign the transaction on the blockchain using the connected wallet and at this point, our CA module will assign a certificate to them. Now, it is impossible for bots to sign the transaction over the blockchain and claim rewards on chain. This is the gist of how we are handling bot infestation problem.

Thanks a lot for showing interest in the platform Kuen. At the very earliest, it was all about architecture designing, having a layout for our AirLyft prototype, and partnering with other projects who will be using AirLyft to host their event. We have had nearly 40+ partnerships in a month and it’s still increasing. So moving forward, we are working towards building an indexing solution within the platform to execute write functions in our smart contract integrations and keep continuing with our rigorous partnership plans to achieve success metrics. Once the partnership is in place, our near future KPIs would also include empowering these partners to host their events on AirLyft and making sure of the participation numbers as you see in the proposal mentioned above. Hope this answers your question.

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All questions are important for us Cryptoking32. Please feel free to post any questions you have with regards to our product!

Wow that’s a very detailed proposal but still something is unclear - can projects also post content on your platform like videos on youtube? What I mean to say is how does the ‘learn to earn’ part really work?

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Hey… thanks for sharing your queries. Indeed we wanted to bring in a proposal that clearly explains what our product is about. And so sorry that a few of the things were unclear. Coming back to the question at present, please be informed that we are not a social platform where you can post your content or post your videos on youtube via us… I mean there are way too many platforms already doing that.

We are a platform that focuses entirely on building, scaling, and engaging communities. At AirLyft you can create innovative campaigns both from a centralized and a decentralized aspect that could include reading and writing on smart contracts and so on. You can have events such as “Stake XYZ tokens on ABC mainnet application” which is COOL!!! The reason being no one is doing this and at the same time, it brings dynamic engagement for your community member to engage and learn about your product. This is what our learn to earn module is about where organizations can create tasks for their mainnet applications directly from AirLyft and we use the organization’s ABI end points to see if a particular condition was fulfilled. Hope this makes sense.

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I got to know about you guys through a friend and have checked out your app a while back. I must say its quite refreshing to see something original, kudos to the team!

I had a couple of questions.

  1. What chain is your dapp on?
  2. How are rewards distributed on chain? Do I have to register my wallet address in your app and just wait for the rewards to arrive?

Hey Michael. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback. Means a lot… The team is indeed working day and night to bring something revolutionary in the world of blockchain and make AirLyft a one-stop platform for your growth hacking needs. Be it Defi or GameFi or any other project on the chain, AirLyft is going to be much helpful for their growth campaigns.

Now, with regards to questions,

  1. The product is a multi-chain application. Currently, we are on Avalanche, Moonriver, EVMOS and the next target is for bringing this product live on IOTEX mainnet.

  2. So basically, we have a reward locking mechanism where prior to hosting an event, we lock the rewards on our smart contract. Using these locked rewards, we make sure that projects don’t back from their word of distributing rewards and at the same time give assurances to users that rewards will be distributed to all the shortlisted winners. This is how, all these distributions are done from these locked pools on chain so that you don’t have to keep following up with users on where are the rewards and such repetitive questions. For the second part of your question, there is no registration of your wallet address. You just connect them so that we can collect the public wallet address to shortlist based on distribution strategy. For the last part, if you are shortlisted, you need to claim these rewards from the portal based on claim dates set by the startups.