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myJeenie will bring on one of the biggest paradigm shifts of our generation. Our easy to use platform will grant everyone the ability to manage and build their digital legacies, earn by using the platform and sharing their data (SocialFi), send messages to the future, and inherit their digital assets. With all web3 features built using the IoTeX blockchain.

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New partial-web3 SocialFi experience built on IoTeX.

Proposal Description

myJeenie is a SaaS (software as a service) mobile first application used to inherit information, and digital assets, such as videos, messages, photos, cryptocurrencies, and more. Users can curate memories to be shared over time, create shared memories and lock them in time capsules, secure, earn, and seamlessly inherit digital assets, and grow alongside a digital companion that will live on in your name.

So far, IoTeX and the community have been more than supportive with regards to our development efforts. This is all we will ask for in terms of a time-resource. We are of course applying for this grant as there is a financial need to keep us running smoothly and progressing with our very tight timeline.


We have four major phases of development:

  • Phase 1: MVP (minimal viable product). The MVP is already in production and available via Apple Testflight. Our MVP demonstrates our teams ability to deliver a quality product with key functionality outlined in our white paper. This version is tailored to provide key stakeholders and potential investors with a demo that showcases the core functionality of our platform with a great look at the big picture. This phase will also include substantial research into implementing a robust MachineFi feature into our platform that will enable our mobile users to monetize data in new and innovative ways. This will include two approaches. 1) Earning while yielding mobile resources to myJeenie. 2) Possible hardware integration in the form of smart home device and/or wearable that is directly linked to our app. Users will be compensated for said data with $JEENIE rewards.

Funding request: $5,000
Preferred review/delivery time frame: On or before mid/end of July, 2022

  • Phase 2: Alpha release. The Alpha release is scheduled to launch by the end of July 2022 and will include a test group of 50-100 users. This release will focus greatly on bug fixes and polish while refining the functionality of our entire feature set. Feedback during this phase is crucial, and as such, this phase will also focus greatly on a wide demographic of users to ensure different perspectives on feedback. During this time, we will also be launching our IoTeX Delegate node and begin airdropping JEENIE tokens on our voters in preparation for the launch. Users will be able to vote for us and earn their share of 30k $JEENIE Utility tokens / day leading up to the launch. Begin development of MachineFi features mentioned in Phase 1.

Funding request: $10,000
Preferred review/delivery time frame: Before middle of September, 2022

  • Phase 3: Beta release. The Beta release is scheduled to launch in the Nov/Dec, 2022 time frame. This launch will include 500-1000 users (from our waitlist). By this time, ALL core features will be ready and usable to their full capabilities. Our in-app monetary system will be in place (which includes full IoTeX integration). To remain fair for all users, official staking and earning mechanisms will not be enabled. SocialFi earning and in-app staking will not be enabled until the official launch. Begin testing of Machine features mentioned in Phase 1. Any MachineFi features (if settled upon by team) that will require additional hardware may require additional funding and/or time pending our designs, supply chain research, manufacturing, testing, and of course more testing before anything that is consumer ready. Highly unlikely we will be able to achieve a full featured piece of hardware by launch; however, it is the dream to at least try. Either way, it is something we would like to build within the 2023 calendar year.

Funding request: $17,500
Preferred review/delivery time frame: Before mid of Nov, 2022

  • Phase 4: Official Launch. This will take place before the end of Q1, 2023. Launch will include our full feature set (minus features that require any AI/ML engines). This does include: myMessaging, myCapsules, myLockbox, myJournal, myCondolences, Digital estate management, Digital Asset Inheritance, Stake to Earn, Stack for Data, and the SocialFi reward system.

Launch is very likely to include at least one MachineFi feature, though this feature will most likely be tied to the mobile device. While we do hope to achieve a connected external piece of hardware in the form of a smart home device and/or wearable, this is high speculative, additional research from the team, and a solid VC round in the early months of 2023.

Funding request: $17,500
Preferred review/delivery time frame: Before end of Jan, 2023

Total funds requested


These funds will help us maintain our milestones by providing us with the opportunity to expand and grow our team to catalyze development. Some funds will be used to run extensive tests on our systems to ensure all IoTeX integrations run smoothly, and a dedicated sum will be used to incentive the IoTeX community and the greater crypto/blockchain space to recognize our platform as a part of the IoTeX ecosystem of web3 applications (strategic marketing campaigns and incentives tailored for IoTeX developers, community, and the greater crypto/blockchain space).

Please checkmark the following if you agree

Although these options are not mandatory, please consider committing to them for the greater benefit of the IoTeX ecosystem.

  • We commit to open source the project: [ Other - please specify ]

Some aspects of our application will be open sourced; however, some valuable IP will need to be kept behind closed doors. This is subject to change over time. We will commit to make as many of our IoTeX efforts as transparent and open as possible. We will also commit to providing valuable feedback and contributions to the IoTeX documentation and tutorials throughout our development phases.

  • We commit to stake 1.2MN+ IOTX on the IoTeX Blockchain: [YES]

  • We commit to donate [PERCENTAGE] of [ OUR TOKEN ] to the IoTeX Foundation: [N/A]

We are open to a discussion about this. We will be committing over 38%+ of our TOTAL supply to the IoTeX community for free in the form of airdrops, staking rewards, and in-app incentives. All JEENIE Utility tokens can be both deposited and withdrawn from our platform at any time, giving users full control over their SocialFi experience.

About your Team

Our teams boasts over 50+ years of combined experience working in and around the tech sector and 20+ years in brick and mortar investments. With 25+ years of hardware/engineering experience, 15+ of marketing experience, and 20+ years of developer/engineering experience.

We also employ several contractors for artwork and app/website design.


At this time, it is difficult to say. Our models can predict a userbase in the 100’s of thousands within our first few months after launch. Our goal is to hit a userbase in the millions within our first 18 months of operation. In the beginning, transaction on the blockchain will include airdrops, deposits, and withdraws; however, as we transition to full-web3, these numbers will increase substantially.


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