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New DApp native to IoTeX blockchain, GameFi, Mini-games, Community, Educational content

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PixieWorld is an educational GameFi project on the IoTeX blockchain. Its goal is to connect crypto, gaming fans from all over the world and to create a friendly community that helps new users onboard the crypto world.

For most people, ‘Play to earn’-games are their first contact with blockchain technology. It can be overwhelming for new users to find answers to their questions. That’s why we think Crypto-games have a great responsibility for their users.

We created PixieWorld to give new users a place to start a safe journey into the IoTeX/Crypto world. With our so-called ‘Learn to Earn’ model, we want to incentivise users to expand their knowledge about blockchain technology. This will help new users prevent mistakes we all went through when we were new to crypto. This project informs new users about the IoTeX blockchain and ecosystem. Thus it will attract new users and investors.

PixieWorld is a world inhabited by Pixies. They are cute NFT collectibles that are released in themed collections every month. Users will be able to start their journey by buying a Pixiebox that contains one Pixie. With it you will be able to solve small quizzes, play mini-games and earn rewards. Our community is full of friendly people that are ready to help.

We already have a demo website, a whitepaper and a Telegram group with around 50 active members.

Our aim is to join the IoTeX ecosystem to make a positive impact. With IoTeX’s support we can help new users find the resources they need in a fun, rewarding and easy way.


Milestone 1

  • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
  • First user acquisition
  • Website Demo
  • Token Presale
  • Funds request (USD): 0 USD

Milestone 2:

  • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
  • Pixie NFT Collection start
  • Token launch on Mimo DEX
  • Learn lessons on website
  • Mini Quizzes with token reward
  • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD

Milestone 3

  • Duration (weeks): 4 weeks
  • Mini Game with ranking rewards
  • Marketplace for Pixie NFT
  • Funds request (USD): 10,000 USD

Total funds requested

20,000 USD

About your Team

PixieWorld is developed and designed by Sirkl UG (limited liability). We are a registered company in Germany compliant with local laws. This makes us confident to bring you safe products.
The team consists of nine mebers from many different nationalities. Our developers have years of experience working with large scale projects. We love what we are doing, together with our joint competences we want to create an awesome project for you! Read more about our Team!


The success of this project can be tracked by the number of new and active users. We aim to reach over 1000 token holders (BALL Token).


Our informational website
Community Telegram Group Chat
PixieWorld Dapp with Shop, Marketplace and Games

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Milestone Report: #1
Deliverable Name : Preparation for the launch
Proof :

  1. finished website: https://pixieworld.info
  2. Successful Presale with 100+ token holders. Token Tracker | IoTeXScan
  3. Telegram group with 300+ members Telegram: Contact @PixieWorldGame
    Note : For this milestone we requested 0 dollars.
    Payment tx :

Milestone Report: #2
Deliverable Name : PixieWorld launch
Proof :

  1. Running dapp on Iotex blockchain https://pixiesoccer.web.app
  2. Aquatic Pixie NFT collection sold out within four hours (225 pieces)
  3. Token is tradable on Mimoswap: mimo V2
  4. Learn lessons + quizzes with rewards live on web app (see link at no1)
    Note : For this milestone we requested 10000 dollars.
    Payment tx : IoTeXScan Transaction Hash | IoTeXScan

Milestone Report: #3
Deliverable Name : PixieWorld Mini-Game and Marketplace
Proof :

  1. Mini-Game with ranking rewards called Training in our web app. Users send their Pixies into training, which will send them on a soccer Field. Here the Pixies collect rewards depending on their ranking compared to other players. The higher the total “training power” the higher up is the player in the ranking and earns more BALL tokens.
    The “training power” is dependent on the Pixies rarity and level. There are four rarities (common, rare, epic legendary) which have the following base training powers: 1,2,4,8 (in the same order). The formula for calculating the training power goes as follows: basePower*1,1^numberOfLevels-1.
    Users can collect their rewards and check their ranking in a nice ranking chart. The three best players receive a special colored bar in the rankings.

Pictures of the Trainer Mini-game with ranking rewards:
Soccer Field & Ranking rewards:

Update screen:


  1. We have released a marketplace in the web app where players can trade their Pixies. Set a price by click on “list” and choose a price. Other players can then browse on the marketplace and buy a Pixie if interested. The Pixie NFTs and the paid BALL stay in the smart contract for 24 hours to prevent fraudulent activity. In future this can be sped up when paying a small IOTX fee.

Screenshots of the marketplace:
A Pixie being listed:

A Pixie listed and a Ball reward from a purchase waiting to arrive to the user:

Note : For this milestone we requested 10000 dollars.
Payment tx :

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Finally a game where it’s not all about the money! I love how you try to include everyone into the learn2ear aspect. Definitely great project!


Great project! There are simply far too few of these approaches that combine play2earn with an educational dimension. But this is exactly what we need. There are so many people out there yet to become a new part of this community. Hope you will be successful.


this is a great project, hope it can success.


I like how you want to break the barriers for new users, because I know for myself that it was hard to get into this kind of stuff. I think it will attract a lot of new members for iotex.

Regarding the Mini Games, what OS will they support?


Looks good and promising for me as a crypto novice!


Good poject, learn to earn pixies


Relatively new to IoTeX here, been playing StarCrazy a little bit and like the Idea of this. StarCrazy is already cool and has nice earning, I like to solve quizzes and earn :smiley: Joined the Telegram and will keep an eye on Pixiefootball :soccer:



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Am a big fan of soccer and would be thrilled to see the launch of pixiesoccer on iotex!


sounds like a great idea to me!


Let it be​:heart::+1:t2:this is a great project


I think game projects will contribute to the iotx network. I believe that this project will achieve its purpose.

Its really cool learn2earn amazing concept. Love it

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supplement to Milestone report #2. Overview of the quiz page.


Dear mister @zimne
Pixiesoccer successfully accomplished the second milestone of the Halo Grants Program. We have updated this post and are looking forward for your review and feedback!
We want to thank this awesome community for all this support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Pixiesoccer Team


Dear mister @zimne
We have successfully accomplished the third milestone of the Halo Grants Program. We have updated this post and are looking forward for your review and feedback!
Many greetings,
The PixieWorld (PixieSoccer) Team

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why the project failed