[Accepted]Realtize LLC-Learn to earn & Crowdfunding Platform

Proposal details

Project Name

[Realtize LLC]

Project Type

[ Learn to Earn & Crowdfunding Platform ]

Proposal Description

[ World first Web3.0 Learn to Earn & SEC regulated Crowdfunding Platform


  1. Realtize" is a web3 crowdfunding platform to support US dollar and other fiat currencies fundraising under the SEC&Finra compliance portal with the aim of building the next Republic. Realtize acquired a license sec funding portal-Minnowcfunding in 2021. Since its establishment in 2021, the company has completed the issuance and fundraising of projects, including OTC:NSAV and ODZA.
  2. Realtize is building the next generation digital investment platform that will help Web2 investor participate in regulated Web3.0 capital market. www.live.realtize.io
  3. Realtize onboards third party projects launch learn2earn campaigns on platform. The goal is connecting Web3.0 projects with Web2.0 existing KYC users on Realtize platform.


  1. IoTex ecosystem projects submit Learn2Earn contents (video/article/gleam tasks)
  2. After users complete the tasks or mini quizzes, they can receive the collaboration NFTs. The NFTs can be used for IDO whitelist and receiving project airdrops.


  • Milestone 1:

    • Duration (weeks): 4 week
    • Launch First Learn 2 Earn Campaign for IoTex
    • 5000 users participate in IoTex Learn 2 Earn Campaigns
    • Funds request (USD): 5000 USD
  • Milestone 2:

    • Duration (weeks): 2 week
    • Support IoTex on Realtize NFT Marketplace
    • Support 3 Learn2Earn Projects from IoTex Giveaway & Airdrop
    • Funds request (USD): 5000 USD

Total funds requested

[ $10,000 in USD ]

About your Team

[ Jerry Li, CEO of Realtize, Partner of Silver Bear Capital, Econ Bachelor degree University of Colorado Boulder, High-powered executive demonstrating extraordinary vision and leadership in Emerging Technologies.

David Chung, CTO&COO of Realtize, 20+ years of decisive leadership and entrepreneurial success in all aspects of New Concept of Product/Innovation Development. CEO&CTO of Nissi Media, New Media life, WeTribe Inc, which previous total procured over 1 Billion capital.

Dmitri Prokopenko, Angel investor in Mintbase, Treasureland, Opensky, Co-founder of Block Oracle Capital, private investment sector.


[The success of this project can be tracked by the number of new and active users. We aim to reach over 10000 users participate in Learn2Earn and Crowdfunding]


[Realtize Official website:https://www.live.realtize.io/
Realtize Telegram:Telegram: Contact @realtize
Realtize discord: Discord
Realtize Twitter: x.com]

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I do like this proposal. A web3 crowdfunding platform is what we need in future. The new era will focus more on Property management and investment.

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Cool idea about Learn to earn, we can discuss more in Telegram , i will DM you the contact

web3 crowdfunding is all that we need for an awesome future…this is so cool idea of managing properties and investments…it is a very good innovative way to earn

Crowdfunding is amazing and is definitely what we are going to have in the future! The advent of web3, and this managing of properties and investments. Definitely cool and innovative. I believe most of us can and are going to benefit from this!

L2E (Learn 2 Earn) is the future of learning. Before we used to pay to learn and now it’s vice versa. Moreover this project combines Learn2Earn with Crowdfunding. The project has an excellent team and I am sure they can make this project huge. All the best ! :+1:t2:

Its super exciting to have Web3 crowdfunding platforms in our own Era. It opens a great paradigm for managing properties and investments. The approach taps into the collective efforts of large pool of individuals.this is one best shot of becoming part of something new and innovative.

I support the proposal. A learn to earn program is one of the things we need to grow the Blockchain industry. It’s an attractive way to incentivize the entrants of more crypto adopters into the space. I also hope to see more crowdfunding platforms like Realtize embrace this initiative. And the success of this proposal will go a long way to herald that need into a trend. Kudos Realtize team…

As a student, Realtize’s Learn to Earn module is the way for me to get into Web3 to invest and manage my money, I think this is unique and is a new way for new era.

I totally agree with this proposal, learn2earn is really cool for the web3 crowdfunding platform, and I look forward to more new surprises from realtize.

Realtize’s way of learn to earn is best for us to manage our money, and I look forward to more cool news from realtize.

Learn to earn will really be a need right now, I can understand how it would become a major player very soon. Great that this has been accepted, looking forward :fire: