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IoTeX / Gaming / MMORPG

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Hardcore & Open World. Turns this true Sandbox (RPG) into a rich Crafting, Survival, Real Life game.

Based in the Medieval / Dark Ages era. Players can set their own rules to fit their playstyle. When they take on hosting Private Servers. For self or public. With up to a max of 32 or 64 players able to join one server.

Along with ThatsLife rich crafting system. Building features such as houses, blacksmiths and keeps in a way not seen before on the blockchain with Free terraforming to dig tunnels and mines, raise and lower ground. Means you can build anywhere you desire.

The combat system used is a physics and non-target based. Using your actual skills, movement and how you attack can make amazing combos with (if attached) quite harmful effects.
You and/or your friends can attack or defend with triggered battle formations from party leader. Making it easier to control situations, strategy will help push back your enemies.

Customize your character to fit your style of gameplay to a T. How your skill system will progress with your stat system. All unique and tweakable player progression. For example: Alchemy recipes are unique to each player, that must be learned thru experimenting.

A Cooking system that enables skill bonuses the better you become.
Player damage system. Weather System and MUCH more.

ThatsLife will be a first of its kind in the crypto gaming world. Only geared 100% to stay on the IoTeX network and Blockchain.
With this project never being released on any network nor having control of IoTeX servers. I honestly will not provide user growth.


[ Split your project into milestones: each one must have its own verifiable deliverables]

  • Milestone 1: Version

    • Duration: 1 Month
    • Deliverables: Creation of Website, social media, private server. Uploading framework and coding to private/IoTex server/network
    • Funds request: 2,000-2,500 USD
  • Milestone 2: Version

    • Duration: 1 Month
    • Deliverables: Creation of team members. 100% of files transferred to IoTeX network and working all together.
    • Funds request: 2,500-3,000 USD
  • Milestone 3: Version

    • Duration: 1 Month
    • Deliverables: License Agreement. Alpha released to public for testing. NFT and IoTeX token explained.
    • Funds request: 3,000 USD

Total funds requested

7,500-8,500 USD

About your Team

Taylor Marlow: Full Stack Developer, OTP Pro at McDonald’s


According to my report poll. In March of 2012.
3.2-3.6 million dollars per year in transactions.


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hello! I have always liked the idea of ​​an MMORPG on blockchain, even more so on Iotex. I have some doubts about the project, the players themselves would have the servers where others could play. what kind of reward would they receive? This game would be like play for earn?


Thanks. ill break down my answer.
Players that have dedicated servers. Privately owned or rented. would decide how there in game economy. such as in game market. in game jobs and so on.

play work to earn basically.


Congrats! @MARLOW Looking forward to the launch

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Good~~!! @MARLOW, How can this game work with StarCrazy?

If your cool idea is applied to games running on the ioTex blockchain now, the community will be explosively welcome.

Thanks for your great idea~~!!

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hello! Do we have any news about your project?

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News about this??


i am also interesting and tracking this topic.

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Nov.12th - 6:15 AM
•Cleaning out gmail, came across this attachment email. JUST noticing this idea got accepted.

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Do you still continue this project??

You have a lot of work ahead of you and honestly, after a year you don’t know that IoTeX has awarded you the Halo… I don’t know what to think