[Accepted] The MOTODB Protocol: Global, Decentralized Car Industry IoT+Blockchain

The MOTODB Protocol is a Global, Decentralized Car Industry Blockchain that will enable the Connected Cars Paradigm by putting the Driver at the Center and Empower them to share their user-generated Data in return for real rewards. We are passionate and strong advocates of Car Data Privacy and also believe that the Driver should benefit from the data they generate. We are working with a wide variety of Car Ecosystem Partners to enable this Vision. The MOTODB Protocol is a Driver-powered Network that aims to decentralize Car Data and deliver benefits to Car Drivers both from a data privacy perspective and monetization benefits. Car data that is accessible on a Public blockchain enables the building of various distributed applications and crypto protocols on top of this data e.g. decentralized insurance, car finance, prescriptive/ predictive maintenance ML models, decentralized carpooling/ ride sharing and car resale. The MOTODB Protocol consists of Hardware/ Devices called CarMiners, a Mobile App and a Decentralized Data marketplace for Cars and vehicles. Our user go-to-market strategy and user-acquisition strategies are based on partnerships with 2 of the top, global companies in the mobility space that are also community-driven. We aim to enable 1 million Cars in the first 2 years with the MOTODB Protocol and enable the collection of Car data in a decentralized, distributed and trustless manner.

The MOTODB Protocol has a working product, the MOTODB CarMiner, the Driver App and a Decentralized Data marketplace built on the NEAR and Ethereum testnet. We are looking to deploy this on the IoTEX testnet and then mainnet. Currently we are at the beginning of User acquisition and will aim to acquire 1 million Car Drivers/ Users over the next two years.

MOTODB is both a Hardware based Data aggregation protocol, and also has a Mobile Application to access Telematics data (similar to ZenDrive, but with crypto-economic incentives) from Cars and Drivers. The current working prototype has a Basic MOTODB CarMiner device, Data storage on Decentralized cloud and Data summary (trip wise metrics like average & top speed, engine health summary) stored on the Ethereum (testnet) blockchain.

We are also building more decentralized protocols leveraging Tokenized cars (NFTs) and use of Car Data to reimagine the entire vehicle data ecosystem. Some major Dapps we are working on include Decentralized Car Insurance Protocol and a Used Car Financing Protocol and also building Car/ Vehicle DeFi Derivatives Protocol based on pools of Insurance bonds, etc.

We see huge potential to leverage Car data to build Decentralized Carpooling Apps, Car DeFi; which is universal and beneficial to anyone across the globe. It is our intent to make Car NFTs open to any blockchain and enable anyone from any ecosystem to use this data for building their own protocols.

The IoTEX Protocol is the starting point for us as it allows us to create Driver IDs and NFTs using the IoTEX features e.g. DID. We also plan to have our devices “Powered by IoTEX”. We plan to port our MOTODB tokens to IoTEX and also store telemetry data on the IoTEX blockchain.
Our Basic MOTODB CarMiner is ready and we are currently in the testing phase with this device. We have a working prototype installed in several Cars in India and the USA and their data including individual trips can be viewed on our Data Explorer. Our first lot of 1000 MOTODB CarMiner Devices is already in the design phase and we will be testing these devices over the next 2 months. Our pre-orders for the Basic MOTODB CarMiner will start on 15th Feb with a shipping date of 26 March 2022. We are also working on the design of an Advanced MOTODB CarMiner which will have advanced Computing capabilities along with Artificial Intelligence capabilities built in. The Advanced MOTODB CarMiner will be ready for shipping by June-2022 and will have the ability to integrate Cameras (Dash Cams, inward and outward facing) and LIDAR/ RADAR sensors, in addition to the OBD device, into the CarMiner.

[ DApp + Iotex Devices ]

Building an IoT web3 network to drive the future of Mobility

This will be enabled by a class of AI capable, cellular, edge-computing devices to log, process and transmit data as well as perform mission critical services such as autonomous vehicles, prescriptive maintenance, etc

Starting with OBD-ii ports in cars, we plan to extend this to UAVs, manned multirotors and heavy duty vehicles as well

We plan to make new DApp as an IoTEX subchain

We already have our Basic MOTODB Car Miner (IOT device) ready and our Advanced Car Miner is in the design phase. We plan to make these devices as Powered By IoTEX which will open up additional benefits for our devices. This is also aligned with IoTEX’s vision of reaching 1million devices via the Burn-Drop initiative. We will need IoTEX’s guidance on how to get PBI certificates for our devices.

The current POC can be found in this video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O0YHR5pW41CXBS9fe5s7Yhnom-2rkxnK/view

DApp Description

MotoDB is a decentralized network that connects the car to the internet and enables drivers to securely log and store their data.

This is by means of our Carminers, a series of telematic, edge-computing devices that act as “black-boxes”; actively monitoring the car/driver and transmitting the data to the MotoDB Decentralized cloud. Data is validated in a blockchain and hence is immutable. With motoDB car miners we essentially build an immutable history of the car, a vehicle EHR (electronic health record).

With a dynamic tokens incentive mechanism, we reward drivers with motoDB tokens for uploading and sharing their data, effectively converting the car into an income generating asset.

The driver has complete control over their data and what part of data, if any, they want to share on the marketplace.

This data can then be looked up and bought via the MotoDB Explorer, our decentralized peer-to-peer, driver-enabled data marketplace.

Web3/Blockchain: As of now a smart contract based system with the following functionality:

  • Token contract: XRC standard (e.g. XRC20, XRC721) tokens for listing on an exchange. This will also include a tokenomic model and a reward system [explained below] for distribution of tokens to drivers who upload data.
  • The car and driver can be seen as NFTs which are linked to the trip data stored on the backend. For drivers NFT will also include driver license, photo and vehicles owned.A method to link this data to cars and the cars to the drivers. During signing-up the Vehicle identification, drivers license and driver photo (things required for the Kyc) also be linked to the user.
  • Part of the trip data being uploaded needs to be stored on a blockchain for future validation. The list of parameters to be stored can be calculated from the trip data being uploaded and will be provided by us (things like trip hash, maximum speed, maximum acceleration, etc). The aim of this data is to validate data integrity when the data is retrieved for the driver himself or for any data end user who is willing to buy data.
  • Method to request and buy data from the marketplace.
  • Data is uploaded and validated in a centralized fashion and hence can be changed as and when required. As of now it will be a data sanity check based on motion sensor, engine speed and GPS data

Mobile Application: For both Android and iOS. The aim of the mobile app is to:

  • Facility for user register, KYC and login,
  • Collect Tripdata using motion sensors and GPS (similar to ZenDrive) for users who do not have the physical hardware. This can be seen as a cost-free entry-point to be part of the ecosystem,
  • Provide an interactive dashboard for the users so see their historic data, other driver specific characteristics (such as total tokens earned, total time driven, maximum speed, maximum acceleration),
  • Wallet integration with MetaMask
  • A user can own multiple cars, but a car will have only a single user.

Data Explorer: The PC frontend for the platform. This includes:

  • The login, kyc, wallet integration and user profile functionalities from the mobile application as well as a data marketplace to buy data using MotoDB tokens as well.
  • Sale of data will be based on user consent (either asking the user everytime or having a profile setting to always allow/deny access)
  • Sale of data will be via MotoDB tokens only

Hardware Description

Current efforts are towards the development of a basic Car Miner. We in collaboration with iWave Systems Technologies have built a telematics control unit (TCU) catered towards both EV and ICE cars. These TCUs have GPS,6-axis motion sensors, boot on ignition functionality, with embedded linux running on top of them with OTA functionality. The device specifications are attached as a separate file.

The system works by connecting to the ECU, scanning the car (for any diagnostic trouble codes and freeze frames), actively logging and storing vehicle parameters (such as throttle position, engine timing advance, RPM, barometric pressure, Air flow rate, etc in ICE cars; Battery voltage, battery temperature and current draw in EVs), along with onboard GPS and motion sensor data, build a trip file for every trip and then uploads at the end of the trip. Though this system currently works on past, we are keen on using Iotex TruStream to build this system in real time.

Once this system is built and shipping we plan to build such basic miners for heavy duty vehicles and off-road cars as well.

Basic CarMiner

Our first prototypes were based on Raspberry Pi (similar to AutoPi) with programs written in python, and AWS backend. The device firmware images along with the python packages will also be documented and made open to enthusiasts who want to build their CarMiners and develop this as an open source AutoPi. This can also be extended to Nvidia Jetson boards to build more powerful, AI capable versions of the open Hardware Car Miners.

Acquire Users

Our Customer Acquisition process for MOTODB CarMiner is currently through a Partnership agreement that we are in the process of finalizing with the World’s largest Community Driven Car Pooling App, BlaBlaCar. They have 100 million Cars on the road and we are aiming to partner with them to reach their Customer base with our CarMiners. The resultant combination would be the owners of the World’s largest pool of Car Data, along with incentivizing and rewarding Car Drivers and Passengers. We are also focused on organic adoption of our CarMiners through various channels including Direct-to-Consumer and other B2B channels like global Car Dealerships. These Partners will also be our “data end-users”, assisting us not just in sales, but buying MotoDB tokens and driving the MotoDB explorer traffic as well.

Website: MotoDB Driver-powered Networks (mymotodb.com)
Note: We plan to launch a new website by February 1st


  • Milestone 1: POC done on IoTEX Testnet

Duration (weeks): 5 weeks

Deliverables: Deployment of POC on the IoTEX testnet

Funds request (USD): 5000 USD

  • Milestone 2: Launch of Project on IoTEX Mainnet
    Duration (weeks): 6 weeks

Deliverables : Complete launch on the Mainnet

Funds request (USD): 15000 USD

  • Milestone 3: Grow phase (approx 500 User) on the Mainnet

Deliverables: Upto 500 Users active on the Mainnet

Funds request (USD): 30000 USD

  • Milestone 4: Scaling on the Mainnet (approx 1000 Users)

Deliverables: Upto 1000 Users active on the Mainnet

Funds request (USD): 50000 USD

Total funds requested

100000 USD

[ Total Funding amount requested in USD ]

About your Team

Atul Chatur[Linkedin]

Atul is an Alternative Investment specialist and has been actively investing in Cryptocurrencies for the past 4+ years.

He has set up a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investment advisory platform and is actively involved in investing, researching and developing various Blockchain business ideas. He was an early investor in the Matic Network (Polygon).

Aashay Doshi [Linkedin]:

Aashay has expertise in sensor integration and software development.

He has designed and implemented a GSM-based communication system to operate drones beyond visual line of sight (BVR).

Vedant Kadam [Linkedin]

IIT Madras B.Tech and Mtech (Data Science)

Vedant is a blockchain researcher and developer for the past 3+ years and has worked with Atul since 2017 for providing fundamental analysis of new IEOs and exploring new investment avenues.

Previously Built UAV research facility for home security applications like convoy cover, Autonomous Border Patrolling, Automated mission execution.

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I really liked the idea of the project. I support it! :+1:

MOTODB is now ROADRUNR. ROADRUNR is a web3, Consumer-facing DApp, with elements of IoT, Blockchain, GameFi and SocialFi elements. Our Interim website is https://www.roadrunr.io/, it is a landing page for now, so please sign up. Our final website will launch June 30. We will also launch our NFT Sale and pre-sale for the ROADRUNR Blade Devices on that day, so please watch out for more information on our website. We are taking a multi-chain approach, with cross-bridging functionality for our NFTs. The ROADRUNR Core Founding team has expertise in Computer Science, AI, Robotics, IoT, Blockchain, Economics/ Finance and Investments. We are in this for the long haul, and are passionate about building a real-world Crypto-economic system - one that makes Driving Safe, Affordable and Sustainable. We are building on IoTEX and will also utilize and build with MachineFi Labs. We have been building for almost a year now, and while we have gone through a few iterations, the objective has been to build value for all our stakeholders. Request to sign-up for updates on our webpage. I will also keep posting updates here on this forum. Any queries, please feel free to reach out to atul@motodb.io

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Milestone 1: The Video of the POC is produced here

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Milestone 2 details:

  1. Rebranded the product as ROADRUNR and launched official website (https://www.roadrunr.io/)
  2. Launched NFT sales on IoTeX mainnet (https://mint.roadrunr.io/)
  3. Deployed NFT contracts on mainnet and a multisig contract for making decisions related to the spending of money from the NFT sales (GitHub - Roadrunr-io/nft_contracts: Roadrunr NFT Contracts)
  4. Integrated support for Metamask wallet and IoPay wallet (using WalletConnect)
  5. Launched V0.1 of ROADRUNR DriverApp
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We have submitted Grant payment request form for USD 5000 for Milestone 1 completion.